Marco Fioretti and the trends and challenges of Open Data in Europe

October 25, 2011, by Augusto Herrmann - 0no comments yet

This thursday (27th), at the Brazilian Open Data Meeting, there will be a panel on the international perspective on Open Data. There, keynote speaker Marco Fioretti, will talk about the current state of Open Data in European Union countries.

He will cover some of the most recent trends and challenges related to Open Data faced by public administrations, businesses, schools and citizens, not only in Europe, but elsewhere around the world.

Marco Fioretti in Consegi

Fioretti is an italian open source activist and open data enthusiast. He teaches an online digital citizenship course, wrote a chapter on the O'Reilly Open Government book, and also wrote the Open Data, Open Society Report, where he discusses the importance of open data for the European Union local administrations. This is the second time this year he comes to Brazil, the first one being for the IV Consegi in May.

Also at the same panel will be Daniela Silva, from the Transparência Hacker group, and Juan Jose Soto, from Ciudadano Inteligente in Chile, will present a south american perspective on open data.

Ministress Miriam Belchior talks about Open Data, Brazilian Meeting begins tomorrow

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As the 2nd Brazilian Information Technology Meeting started today, Ministress Míriam Belchior talked about the Brazilian Government's participation on the Open Government Partnership, about the Open Data Initiatives in the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management and also about the National Infrastructure for Open Data (INDA) project and its regulatory milestone, which has just gone out under public consultation yesterday. Secretary of Logistics and Information Technology Delfino Natal de Souza also reaffirmed the importance of Open Data and reinforced the commitment to it by the Brazilian Government.

Tomorrow, the 1st Brazilian Open Data Meeting will begin at the same place, and here are some activities scheduled for the first day:

For Thursday (27th), the highlights are:

For details and last minute changes, please see the full programme.

Sattelite-events of the OGD Camp 2011 begin today

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The Open Government Data Camp (OGD Camp) 2011 is the largest Open Government Data conference in the world. The event is being organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation and takes place in Warsaw, na Poland, in the next 20th and 21st (thursday and friday), e gathers well known personalities and open data activists from more than 40 countries.

Even though the main event beings thursday, the activities have already started. The so-called "satellite events" are related activities that happen this week in parallel to the Camp. Most of them will take place in Warsaw, at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, but there will also be one in Canberra, Austrália, on the 21st, that is being promoted by the Australian government.

CKAN Workshop

The sattelite events have a practical slant. Some of them are hands-on workshops and some deal directly with software - for instance, one of them is about CKAN, an open source software for collaborative open data cataloguing used on The CKAN workshop will cover topics such as installation, configuration, customization, and even the use of its API.

The tickets cost €30 per day, and there are discounts for students.

For more information, see the schedule of the sattelite events, or see more general info about the Camp.

Friedrich Lindenberg confirmed talk on the 1st Brazilian Open Data Meeting

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Friedrich Lindenberg

Friedrich Lindenberg is a media scientist turned coder working on open government and transparency initiatives.

As a developer at the Open Knowledge Foundation, he is contributing to OpenSpending, an international effort to make financial data accessible. After presenting the German state budget on in 2010, he is now working on technologies that allow the budgets and spending records of any state and region to be visualized and explored. In CKAN, a community-driven data catalogue project, Friedrich has helped to create data portals for a number of European administrations and is working on an effort to create a pan-European data catalogue at He is the author of Adhocracy, a collaborative drafting software used by the Internet commission of the German Bundestag and several political parties and organizations to enable citizens to contribute to policy documents and to vote on them.

On the 1st Brazilian Open Data Meeting, Friedrich will cover CKAN and the Open Spending project on his talk "Open Tools for Open Data: CKAN and Open Spending".