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Ministry of Planning launches preview of Open Data portal

27 de Dezembro de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 88 comentários | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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In order to promote the implementation of the National Infrastructure for Open Data (INDA), the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management has launched, this tuesday (20) the beta version of the Brazilian Portal for Open Data. Its intention is to share public data in raw and open formats. By releasing the beta version, the ministry expects that people participate in the building of the portal. The official version is scheduled for 2012.

INDA is a set of standards, technologies, procedures and control instruments in order to meet the necessary conditions for the sharing of data between different branches and levels of government and also for the society at large. Data is open when it can be used freely and reused in building applictations by any citizen. The release of open data will soon be required as enacted in the General Information Acccess Law (law n. 12527, from November 18th, 2011).

According to Secretary of Logistics and Information Technology, Delfino Natal de Souza, the release of the Brazilian Open Data Portal is a milestone on the INDA project. The secretary expects the new virtual environment to engage society in strengthening the methodology of this infrastructure for the disclosure of public information. “The release of open data shall bring more transparency and participation in social control by the Brazilian people”, added Souza.

The beta version of the site has 20 datasets available for access. Also available are applications showcasing how public sector information can be released in an open manner. One of them, for instance, shows historical series regarding government actions, based upon the publication of the general Government Report of 2003-2010.

Other examples of how users can reuse data released in raw and open formats are the following applications: "Onde acontece" (where does it happen); "Painel de Recadastramento do Sistema de Cadastramento Unificado de Fornecedores - Sicaf" (Re-registering Dashboard for the Unified Supplier Registry System); Work Related Accidents Dashboard; and "Para onde foi o meu dinheiro" (where did my money go).

OGP – The Open Government Partnership – OGP is an international initiative for ensuring wider access to public information. As a result of this action, made official in last Semptember, one can expect to increase society participation, to fight corruption and to use new technologies for making governments more transparent, efficient and accountable. The Brazilian work plan for the implementation of the OGP is available on its website.

So far, eight countries have joined this open government initiative. Brazil, alongside the USA, lead this move. Other current members are: Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, Phillipines, South Africa and United Kingdom.

On April 2012, there will be a meeting in Brasília to make official the joining of other countries on the partnership. More than 40 nations did show an interest in participation on the OGP. The Ministry of Planning will take this opportunity to officially launch the definitive version of the Brazilian Open Data Portal.

History - INDA makes it possible that data and information created and stored on public bodies' portals be used freely by society. The open data movement on the Brazilian federal level of public administration started on 2010, with the enactment of Resolution n. 7 (General IT Strategy) and Ordinance n. 39 (Strategic Planning for the SLTI/MP).

Since its inception, its purpose has been increasing transparency collaboration and participation by society in the process of developing government policies and actions.

INDA's debut was on May 2011, with Sicaf. By disclosing the list of suppliers registered in the system, the government allows any municipalities administrations to know which companies in its local area have been doing business with the federal government. Using that database, municipalities can, for instance, speed up their procurement processes.

* source: Ministry of Planning

* official site: Brazilian Open Data Portal

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