This thursday (27th), at the Brazilian Open Data Meeting, there will be a panel on the international perspective on Open Data. There, keynote speaker Marco Fioretti, will talk about the current state of Open Data in European Union countries.

He will cover some of the most recent trends and challenges related to Open Data faced by public administrations, businesses, schools and citizens, not only in Europe, but elsewhere around the world.

Marco Fioretti in Consegi

Fioretti is an italian open source activist and open data enthusiast. He teaches an online digital citizenship course, wrote a chapter on the O'Reilly Open Government book, and also wrote the Open Data, Open Society Report, where he discusses the importance of open data for the European Union local administrations. This is the second time this year he comes to Brazil, the first one being for the IV Consegi in May.

Also at the same panel will be Daniela Silva, from the Transparência Hacker group, and Juan Jose Soto, from Ciudadano Inteligente in Chile, will present a south american perspective on open data.