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DRM in HTML5 - One more risk to freedom

5 de Julho de 2013, 0:00 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Por Gabriel Fedel

Yasodara, W3C member, presented the subject and explained how it has been treated in W3C. Despite her position clearly against it, she explained that W3C can't veto the initiative, that aims directly towards freedom. However Yasodara made a convocation for developers to participate in W3C discussions.

Other participants, Deivi Kuhn (from the Comitê de Implantação de Software Livre), Seth Schoen (from EFF) and Alexandre Oliva (Free Software activist) were all very harsh about the problem of DRM inside HTML5. Among many issues, the possibility that third parties verify the software and hardware coming from a web query, being able to block a certain access. It may also open breaches for unfair disputes between proprietary browsers (which will most certainly implement the new standard) and the free ones that don't want to implement closed source code.

As Alexandre Oliva said, DRM in HTML5 is part of a series of actions to limit users freedom (patents and copyrights are in the list also), and activism against it is paramount, so we don't let the web be fenced by large comercial corporations.

Photo: Camila Cunha/indicefoto

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