Invitation: Open and collaborative process in creating the New Brazilian Public Software Portal

February 19, 2013, by Augusto Herrmann - 0no comments yet

Invitation for all citizens:



 Dear participants of the Brazilian Public Software Portal,

In recent years BPS has functioned as a core of innovation in public administration and in Brazilian municipalities, by bringing about transformations in economy, in the public sector and in the software industry. Taking into account these transformations the Public Software Portal Coordination announces the ongoing process of refactoring the Brazilian Public Software Portal. It is now more open and participative, in a way that any citizan can suggest ideas and benefit from more solutions offered in that environment.

The intent is to resume the process of developing the new BPS Portal in the most collaborative way possible, open for all society to participate directly through a collaborative constructive process. The idea is to make room for all interested parties in the Portal to contribute, express their needs and hardships on the environment, and opine on ways to make it more attractive, interactive and effective.

Internet Participation

In order to share suggestions, we are offering an idea selection tool on this address There you can write your suggestions for the new environment and vote on proposals that grab your interest. The most voted suggestions have a greater chance of being implemented into the new version of the Brazilian Public Software Portal.

Do you need more information on the workings of the Portal, so you can make a suggestion? We're making available (in portuguese) this open wiki (, where the whole conceptual and theoretical bases that have been accumulating during the development process. There you can find information such as:

  • Mind maps on the current funcionalities of the BPS;
  • Mind maps on actors that interact with it;
  • Presentations on existing tools whose functionalities could be included on the BPS;
  • Paper on the systemic thinking of the Brazilian Public Software;
  • Agenda for the face-to-face meetings.

In order to ease communication among those interested in collaborating, a community has been created (in portuguese) "Novo Portal SPB" (New BPS Portal) inside the Portal itself, which can be accessed on the following address:

Face-to-face meetings

After this round up of suggestions through the Internet, the Ministry of Planning will conduct face-to-face meetings, where any citizen can help by offering more definitions about the new Brazilian Public Software Portal. Those meetings shall have their own dynamics, planned in a way to allow everyone to be able to help in some way or another, according to their own level of knowledge and filds of interest on the BPS.

Those interested in participating on the face-to-face meetings in Brasilia should point out in the community "Novo Portal SPB" (New BPS Portal) on which days they can attend, so they cna reserve a spot:

We await your contributions!


Team shot of the Brazilian Public Software team

BPS Portal Team