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A 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology (13ª Conferência Internacional de Comunicação Pública da Ciência e Tecnologia) convida participantes e internautas para uma cobertura colaborativa do evento, que ocorre de 5 e 8 de maio em Salvador.

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PCST invite guests and web participants for collaborative coverage

2 de Maio de 2014, 19:00 , por Meghie Rodrigues - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
The 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology invite guests and web participants for event collaborative coverage on 5-8 May, Salvador, Bahia (Brazil). Through social networks, posting texts and photos on the community blog PCSTBR or even using personal blogs, the idea is that all those interested in the conversation come into contact with the experience of science journalism, assisting in the process of scientific and cultural dissemination of themes, tables, conferences and paper presentations. The contributions will complement the content produced in real time by the team of journalists that integrates the Organizing Committee. In order to do that, a digital communication scheme was assembled which includes transmission via streaming; wi-fi at Pestana Bahia Hotel for all guests, besides an interactive blog based on the social network platform Noosfero, a free software. Participants in Salvador can take photos, write little notes, comments and spread them via social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Diaspora) using the hashtag #PCST2014, that will add all the content about the event. Additionally, you can subscribe to the Free Software community in PSCT platform and post texts and pictures (check instructions at the end of the post). People outside the Conference will be able to follow the live transmission of the main tables of PCST and participate with comments through social networks – so the content discussed during the event will reach beyond the walls of the hotel. Afterwards, the videos will be saved to a Youtube account and will be made available to the public. Check out the instructions to participate: Directly on the blog 1) register in 2) become a member of the community in 3) publish your text in the wall of the community In social networks 1) Comment about PCST-2014 in your favorite social network 2) If you want to submit your text for republication send the link to Join the conversation from your site 1) Publish in your blog their impressions, photos and reviews about PCST 2014 2) Send to us at Follow the PCST 2014: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Author: Sarah Costa Schmidt

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