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A 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology (13ª Conferência Internacional de Comunicação Pública da Ciência e Tecnologia) convida participantes e internautas para uma cobertura colaborativa do evento, que ocorre de 5 e 8 de maio em Salvador.

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Scientists in science centers: necessary, obstacles or decorative objects?

8 de Maio de 2014, 10:52 , por Giselle Soares - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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What is the role of scientists in contemporary science centers? - that was the main theme of discussion on the panel proposed by Diego Golombek, from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Argentina. Using examples from different science centers from around the world in diverse levels of development, and in which scientists have played different roles in the process of planning and implementation of the exhibitions, public programmes and digital media, the panel discussed the relationship between scientists, museologists and designers, which is sometimes conflictive and not always allows for each of them to fully express their talents in a collaborative way.



In some cases scientists are merely consultants for scientific content; in others, they are part of the integral design and development of exhibitions, even like promoters of the original idea. Sometimes, for better or for worse, the image of the scientist is too present in the exhibitions. Claudia Aguirre (Parque Explora, Colombia), Rosalia Vargas (Ciencia Viva, Portugal) and Stephen Roberts (London Natural History Museum, UK) participated on the panel.