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A 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology (13ª Conferência Internacional de Comunicação Pública da Ciência e Tecnologia) convida participantes e internautas para uma cobertura colaborativa do evento, que ocorre de 5 e 8 de maio em Salvador.

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project uses comics and romance to teach chemistry

8 de Maio de 2014, 15:09 , por Sarah C. Schmidt - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Por Sarah Costa Schmidt

Comics and chemistry can occupy the same space. This is the idea that Adriana Yumi Iwata, from Federal University of São Carlos, shared with the public at the first Show, Tell and Talk session of PCST. She developed her project using japan comics -- best known like manga -- and talks about love, youth and chemistry, of course.  

The comic called Sigma PI shows the story of Branca, a girl that recently moved to a traditional boarding school in town. She enters in a chemistry club called Sigma Pi, and starts to frequent a laboratory and learn about many chemical experiments. The manga talks about romance and is used to show chemistry concepts. The mangas are characterized by characters with big and over expressed eyes, appraising cinematographic movements in the storyline rhythm.


All the story is written by Adriana, and she also draws the comics. The project is part of her masters research. According to her, the comics could be also a powerful way to communicate science and the Sigma Pi project intends to teach how do use manga language to communicate science and practice science literacy, especially with Chemistry subjects. 

You can check it out the website of Sigma Pi project here


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