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PHP 5.3.9RC1

7 de Novembro de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Logo PHPDisponibilizado o primeiro candidato de lançamento do PHP versão 5.3.9. Este lançamento contém pequenas correções de erros e traz alguns backports da versão 5.4.0 do módulo PHP-FPM.


Lista de mudanças


  • Erro Corrigido #60139 (Anonymous functions create cycles not detected by the GC). (Dmitry)
  • Erro Corrigido #60120 (proc_open's streams may hang with stdin/out/err when  the data exceeds or is equal to 2048 bytes).
  • Erro Corrigido #60019 (Function time_nanosleep() is undefined on OS X). (Ilia)
  • Erro Corrigido #55798 (serialize followed by unserialize with numeric object prop. gives integer prop). (Gustavo)
  • Erro Corrigido #55749 (TOCTOU issue in getenv() on Windows builds). (Pierre)
  • Erro Corrigido #55707 (undefined reference to `__sync_fetch_and_add_4' on Linux parisc). (Felipe)
  • Erro Corrigido #55674 (fgetcsv & str_getcsv skip empty fields in some tab-separated records). (Laruence)
  • Erro Corrigido #55649 (Undefined function Bug()). (Laruence)
  • Erro Corrigido #55622 (memory corruption in parse_ini_string). (Pierre)
  • Erro Corrigido #55576 (Cannot conditionally move uploaded file without race condition). (Gustavo)
  • Erro Corrigido #55510: $_FILES 'name' missing first character after upload. (Arpad)
  • Erro Corrigido #55509 (segfault on x86_64 using more than 2G memory). (Laruence)
  • Erro Corrigido #55504 (Content-Type header is not parsed correctly on HTTP POST request). (Hannes)
  • Erro Corrigido #55475 (is_a() triggers autoloader, new optional 3rd argument to is_a and is_subclass_of). (alan_k)
  • Erro Corrigido #52461 (Incomplete doctype and missing xmlns).  (virsacer at web dot de, Pierre)
  • Erro Corrigido #55366 (keys lost when using substr_replace an array). (Arpad)
  • Erro Corrigido #55273 (base64_decode() with strict rejects whitespace after pad). (Ilia)
  • Erro Corrigido #50982 (incorrect assumption of PAGE_SIZE size). (Dmitry)


  • Erro Corrigido #55797 (Integer overflow in SdnToGregorian leads to segfault (in optimized builds). (Gustavo)


  • Erro Corrigido #54798 (Segfault when CURLOPT_STDERR file pointer is closed before calling curl_exec). (Hannes)
  • Fixed issues were curl_copy_handle() would sometimes lose copied preferences. (Hannes)


  • Erro Corrigido #48476 (cloning extended DateTime class without calling parent::__constr crashed PHP). (Hannes)


  • Erro Corrigido #55550 (mysql.trace_mode miscounts result sets). (Johannes)

Extensão MySQLi:

  • Erro Corrigido #55859 (mysqli->stat property access gives error). (Andrey)
  • Erro Corrigido #55582 (mysqli_num_rows() returns always 0 for unbuffered, when mysqlnd is used). (Andrey)
  • Erro Corrigido #55703 (PHP crash when calling mysqli_fetch_fields).  (eran at zend dot com, Laruence)


  • Erro Corrigido #55609 (mysqlnd cannot be built shared). (Johannes)
  • Erro Corrigido #55067 (MySQL doesn't support compression wrong config option). (Andrey)

Oracle Database extension (OCI8):

  • Increased maxium Oracle error message buffer length for new size. (Chris Jones)


  • Erro Corrigido #55776 (PDORow to session bug). (Johannes)

Driver do PDO MySQL:

  • Erro Corrigido #60155 (pdo_mysql.default_socket ignored). (Johannes)
  • Erro Corrigido #55870 (PDO ignores all SSL parameters when used with mysql native driver). (Pierre)
  • Erro Corrigido #54158 (MYSQLND+PDO MySQL requires #define MYSQL_OPT_LOCAL_INFILE). (Andrey)

Driver do PDO OCI:

  • Erro Corrigido #55768 (PDO_OCI can't resume Oracle session after it's been killed).


  • Erro Corrigido #52013 (Unable to decompress files in a compressed phar). (Hannes)
  • Erro Corrigido #53872 (internal corruption of phar). (Hannes)


  • Erro Corrigido #55526 (Heartbeat causes a lot of unnecessary events). (fat)
  • Erro Corrigido #55533 (The -d parameter doesn't work). (fat)
  • Implementado FR #52569 (Add the "ondemand" process-manager to allow zero children). (fat)
  • Erro Corrigido #55486 (status show BIG processes number). (fat)
  • Erro Corrigido #55577 (status.html does not install). (fat)
  • Backported from 5.4 branch (Dropped restriction of not setting the same value multiple times, the last one holds).
  • Backported FR #55166 from 5.4 branch (Added process.max to control the number of process FPM can fork). (fat)
  • Backported FR #55181 from 5.4 branch (Enhance security by limiting access to user defined extensions). (fat)
  • Backported FR #54098 from 5.4 branch (Lowered process manager default value). (fat)
  • Backported FR #52052 from 5.4 branch (Added partial syslog support). (fat)
  • Implementado FR #54577 (Enhanced status page with full status and details about each processes. Also provide a web page (status.html) for real-time FPM status. (fat)


  • Erro Corrigido #55267 (session_regenerate_id fails after header sent). (Hannes)


  • Don't set $_SERVER['HTTPS'] on unsecure connection (bug #55403). (Uwe Schindler)


  • Reverted the SimpleXML->query() behaviour to returning empty arrays instead of false when no nodes are found as it was since 5.3.3


  • Erro Corrigido #60048 (sa_len a #define on IRIX). (china at thewrittenword dot com)


  • Erro Corrigido #55807 (Wrong value for splFileObject::SKIP_EMPTY). (jgotti at modedemploi dot fr, Hannes)
  • Erro Corrigido #54304 (RegexIterator::accept() doesn't work with scalar values). (Hannes)   


  • Adicionado: xsl.security_prefs ini option to define forbidden operations within XSLT stylesheets, default is not to enable write operations. This option  won't be in 5.4, since there's a new method. Fixes Bug #54446. (Chregu, Nicolas Gregoire)


  • Erro Corrigido #60094 (C++ comment fails in c89). (Laruence)


  • Erro Corrigido #60183 (out of sync ftp responses). (bram at ebskamp dot me, rasmus)


  • Erro Corrigido #60205 (possible integer overflow in content_length). (Laruence)

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