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Kernel Linux 3.6.3

22 de Outubro de 2012, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Tux WorkerUma nova atualização da série estável 3.6 do Kernel do Linux foi disponibilizada trazendo 75 mudanças, destacando correções no subsistema de áudio ALSA (8 commits), correções nos drivers de vídeo Intel (i915), subsistema de compartilhamento de arquivos nfsd dentre outras.

Lista de mudanças Kernel do Linux 3.6.3
ACPI: EC: Add a quirk for CLEVO M720T/M730T laptop
ACPI: EC: Make the GPE storm threshold a module parameter
Add CDC-ACM support for the CX93010-2x UCMxx USB Modem
ALSA: ac97 - Fix missing NULL check in snd_ac97_cvol_new()
ALSA: emu10k1: add chip details for E-mu 1010 PCIe card
ALSA: hda - Add missing hda_gen_spec to struct via_spec
ALSA: hda - Always check array bounds in alc_get_line_out_pfx
ALSA: hda - do not detect jack on internal speakers for Realtek
ALSA: hda - Fix memory leaks at error path in patch_cirrus.c
ALSA: hda - Fix registration race of VGA switcheroo
ALSA: hda - Stop LPIB delay counting on broken hardware
ARM: 7541/1: Add ARM ERRATA 775420 workaround
ARM: OMAP: counter: add locking to read_persistent_clock
ARM: vfp: fix saving d16-d31 vfp registers on v6+ kernels
ASoC: fsi: don't reschedule DMA from an atomic context
ASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: Fix typo of Vibrator
ASoC: wm2200: Fix non-inverted OUT2 mute control
ASoC: wm2200: Use rev A register patches on rev B
ath9k: use ieee80211_free_txskb
autofs4 - fix reset pending flag on mount fail
block: fix request_queue->flags initialization
drm/i915: remove useless BUG_ON which caused a regression in 3.5.
drm/i915: Set guardband clipping workaround bit in the right register.
drm/i915: use adjusted_mode instead of mode for checking the 6bpc force flag
drm/radeon: Don't destroy I2C Bus Rec in radeon_ext_tmds_enc_destroy().
e1000e: Change wthresh to 1 to avoid possible Tx stalls
firewire: cdev: fix user memory corruption (i386 userland on amd64 kernel)
fs: handle failed audit_log_start properly
fs: prevent use after free in auditing when symlink following was denied
iscsi-target: Add explicit set of cache_dynamic_acls=1 for TPG demo-mode
iscsi-target: Bump defaults for nopin_timeout + nopin_response_timeout values
iscsi-target: Correctly set 0xffffffff field within ISCSI_OP_REJECT PDU
iscsit: remove incorrect unlock in iscsit_build_sendtargets_resp
jbd: Fix assertion failure in commit code due to lacking transaction credits
kbuild: Fix accidental revert in commit fe04ddf
kdb,vt_console: Fix missed data due to pager overruns
lockd: create and use per-net NSM RPC clients on MON/UNMON requests
lockd: per-net NSM client creation and destruction helpers introduced
lockd: use rpc client's cl_nodename for id encoding
mac80211: use ieee80211_free_txskb to fix possible skb leaks
mcs7830: Fix link state detection
md/raid10: use correct limit variable
MIPS: ath79: Fix CPU/DDR frequency calculation for SRIF PLLs
mips,kgdb: fix recursive page fault with CONFIG_KPROBES
module: taint kernel when lve module is loaded
mtd: nand: allow NAND_NO_SUBPAGE_WRITE to be set from driver
NFS41: fix error of setting blocklayoutdriver
nfsd4: don't pin clientids to pseudoflavors
nfsd4: fix nfs4 stateid leak
NFSD: pass null terminated buf to kstrtouint()
NFS: Remove bad delegations during open recovery
nohz: Fix one jiffy count too far in idle cputime
pktgen: fix crash when generating IPv6 packets
pnfsblock: fix partial page buffer wirte
qla2xxx: Fix endianness of task management response code
SCSI: scsi_debug: Fix off-by-one bug when unmapping region
SCSI: storvsc: Account for in-transit packets in the RESET path
SCSI: virtio-scsi: initialize scatterlist structure
SUNRPC: Ensure that the TCP socket is closed when in CLOSE_WAIT
target/file: Re-enable optional fd_buffered_io=1 operation
target: fix return code in target_core_init_configfs error path
target: fix truncation of mode data, support zero allocation length
target: support zero allocation length in INQUIRY
timekeeping: Cast raw_interval to u64 to avoid shift overflow
timers: Fix endless looping between cascade() and internal_add_timer()
tmpfs,ceph,gfs2,isofs,reiserfs,xfs: fix fh_len checking
tpm: Propagate error from tpm_transmit to fix a timeout hang
usb: gadget: at91_udc: fix dt support
vfio: Fix PCI INTx disable consistency
vfio: Move PCI INTx eventfd setting earlier
viafb: don't touch clock state on OLPC XO-1.5
video/udlfb: fix line counting in fb_write
xen/bootup: allow read_tscp call for Xen PV guests.
xen/bootup: allow {read|write}_cr8 pvops call.
xen/pv-on-hvm kexec: add quirk for Xen 3.4 and shutdown watches.

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