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New and changed features – experience and test them now!

3 de Junho de 2012, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Hi all,

This is the second post with a list of features/functions that have been worked on recently.

We tried our best to include all the important ones and to make sure that the referred information is clear enough. But whenever you miss something: don’t hesitate to ask (via the QA mail list) if there is anything you really miss.

Just as the previous post, this all is to give you as interested users the change to take a better look at the work and provide valuable feed back for the developers.

You can simply download the latest nightly build, and install it on your computer. It will be placed beside your current LibreOffice. (Or you may want to do a custom parallel installation.) Look at the features of your desire or that you work with most, and give some feedback. Simple as that.

Now the list:

  • Writer was confused by overlapping grammar errors, 2012-05-09, commit message / info, related issue: 49605.
  • Printing from Calc: use default printer settings only when explicity mentioned., 2012-05-09, commit message.
  • Bullet lists in file saved as .doc or .docx were loaded incorrectly, 2012-05-09, related issue: 34814.
  • Color Scales are now imported from xlsx., 2012-05-10, commit message(one of the many related ones).
  • Value >12 with AM/PM can’t be clock time, 2012-05-10, commit message, related issue: 46233.
  • Import of .xls with HTML, 2012-05-10, commit message, related issue: 49639.
  • Work / improvements on fields, mostly Calc, and Draw/Impress. New is the possibility to insert 3 new fields into Calc cells via the context menu with cell in edit mode, 2012-05-11, one of the related commit messages.
  • OpenFormula function Datedif added, 2012-05-13, one of the related commit messages, related issue: 44456.
  • Fixing drawing problems with ruler, 2012-05-16, commit message / info.
  • Hight of tab pages in dialogs: changed code to allow for easier variable height, 2012-05-17, commit message / info.
  • Databars are nor imported from oox, 2012-05-18, commit message / info.
  • Related to the previous: some changes to color scales – maybe interesting to look at too, 2012-05-18, commit message / info.
  • Changes with borders and more in Writer UI, 2012-05-18, commit message / info.
  • Autofilter: separators, sorting, some strings, 2012-05-18, one of the related commit messages.
  • Work around broken cups installations in complex environments, 2012-05-18, commit message / info.
  • Make that row heights (incl default row height) from excel files are saved correctly, 2012-05-22, commit message / info.
  • Changes in status bar and zoon slider, 2012-05-22, one of the related commit messages.
  • Handle columns in docx files, 2012-05-24, one of the related commit messages.
  • Improve shape position in xlsx files, 2012-05-25, one of the related commit messages, related issue: 49430.
  • Import new conditional format information for xlsx files, 2012-05-25, commit message / info.
  • Better export of images scaled in PDF export, 2012-05-28, commit message / info, related issue: 46378.
  • Better rendering of multiline input bar, 2012-05-28, commit message / info.

Found something worth a bug-report? Then this page will help you. There also is a list with the people that are there to help you helping! For that list and for general information in LibreOffice QA, look here.

Thanks a lot for your support!


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