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7 a 10 de Maio de 2014
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Women know the importance of the fight for freedom: meet the women confirmed as speakers for Fisl15

11 de Março de 2014, 18:16 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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In the International Women's Day we want to honor them by highlighting our speakers guests so far, for Fisl15. Many others were invited and we hope for their confirmation. Congrats women!

Luciana Fujii - BRA

Luciana Fujii holds a degree in Computing Science and works at Collabora, a UK based company devoted to Free Software development. Luciana develops for multimedia projects mainly, GStreamer, and contributes to Free Software projects such as Cheese, the GNOME webcam software.

Claudia Melo - BRA

Has a Ph.D. in Computing Science with focus in agile productivity, at the IME-USP University. In the last 15 years has had fun in Software development projects. Is an acitve participant of the national and international community, has given many speeches in Brazil, United States, Europe and Middle East. Today is a Technology Director at ThoughtWorks Brasil, where she works for social and economic justice through technology.

Camila Achutti - BRA

Founder of the blog Mulheres na Computação (Women in Computing) and National Director of Technovation Challenge Brasil.
Holds a degree in Computing Science at IME-USP. She was an intern at Google Mountain View and came back crazy to change the world, having technology as an ally.

Aracele Torres - BRA

Historian of science and technology. Ph.D student at USP University of São Paulo. Currently she works on digital technology, cybernetics and utopy. Her master thesis was about the GNU Project, entitled "A tecnoutopia do software livre: uma história do projeto técnico e político do GNU" (The technoutopy of Free Software: a history of the tech and politic GNU project). Member and collaborator of the KDE project, acting in software translation and promotion.

Fernanda Weiden - BRA/EUA

Works with large scale infra-structure, currently in the USA, at Facebook Production Engineering team responsible for caching and security. Before, Fernanda worked in Google in Switzerland and at IBM in São Paulo.
Participant in the Free Software community since 2002, was one of the FISL organizers for many years and between 2009 and 2011 was vice-president of Free Software Foundation Europe.

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