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7 a 10 de Maio de 2014
Centro de Eventos da PUCRS | Porto Alegre | Brasil




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What is Python good at? Everything!

7 de Maio de 2014, 13:33 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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This morning João Bueno presented the speech “What is Python good at? Everything!” An introduction to the Python prgramming language aiming at getting future adepts.

“So far I have not participated in a single project that could not be developed in Python”, said João Bueno.

The speaker also said that many times Python kinda discourages developers because it is perceived as slow, and gives a tip: “measuring the speed of the language in small programs does not make it justice, because it is necessary to initialize the interpreter before executing the whole code effectively”.

During the speech it was quoted some of the uses of Python, in various areas, such as learning, scientific computing, biology, symbolic math and games, getting Python to establish as an interdisciplinar language.

Another very well known use for Python is in the integration and automation of tasks in softwares such as LibreOffice, Gimp, Inkscape and Blender, which use Python as a main extension language.

The speaker finished his presentation with examples of a web application written in pure Python with 50 lines of code and a small game in pygame with less than 150 lines of code.

Written by Breno Neves and Rafaela Melo – Collaborative coverage #fisl15

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