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7 a 10 de Maio de 2014
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Open Mining (BI open source system) Sprint

6 de Maio de 2014, 12:04 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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By Thiago Avelino.

In May, 9, from 12:00AM to 3:00PM the first Community Open Mining sprint will take place (room 701 - OF1). During the sprint the tool will be presented, its features, traits and how to use it, in a break up from how this business works (where Java apps reign, for example, Pentaho).

The sprint is a meeting where people interested in the project focus in the development of an application taking their needs in account. In the opportunity, it will be explained how the project works, how it was planned and developed, so that people can contribute to its growth and strenghtening.

Open Mining is a tool for data multi-processing, which provides the user with a simple yet complete interface to present data stored in a data warehouse to the audience. Theis presentation can be made in the form os graphics (lines, bars or pizzas), or tables (support to export of data to xls and csv).

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