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7 a 10 de Maio de 2014
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Controversy in sight: Is the Brazilian Free Software Movement dead?

4 de Maio de 2014, 1:35 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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FISL' programme is composed of speeches (tech and non-tech) and workshops. But it is in the debates (panels/round tables) that partcipants have the opportunity to appreciate different points-of-view about the same subject.

Among the debates that promise controversy is "Is the Free Software Movement dead in Brazil?". Speakers will question  what is the current situation in respect to the advocacy of Free Software and knowledge freedom. See the briefing: Proprietary technologies have seduced even the most zealous defenders of Free Software, and there is little awareness in most consumers to fight back freedom-restraining practices. Have we missed the target? Have we failed in forming the new generation? Have we been hit? Do we stand strong in the same niche as when we began? What to do for a future with more freedom and awareness?

The controversy isn't new. In february, on of the debaters published a post in his blog: The Ubuntu generation: the death of the Brazilian Free Software Movement.

Soon the text was replicated by others and resulted in hundreds of replies from all sides. The subject inspired some to post commenting the subject, such as André Machado, that published in his blog Ubuntu: n° 1 enemy of the Free Software in Brazil and About Software Freedom and Easy of Use.

Of course opposing replies also appeared in form of texts such as Ricardo Luiz' Reply to the "Trolls" of Free Software and Augusto Campos' Editorial: Accusing Ubuntu for the illnesses of the "Brazilian Free Software Movement" is criticising the  movement, not the product. Ivan Brasil Fuzzer preferred to express through a videocast Free Software Xiites

The debate at FISL will be hot, give the level of the participants:

  • Alexandre Oliva
  • Anahuac de Paula Gil
  • Frederico Gonçalves Guimarães
  • Ricardo Panaggio
  • Thadeu Cascardo


  • Date: May, 08
  • Time: 10:00AM
  • Room: 41A

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