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Successful experiences in Free Software use for Digital Inclusion Projects

3 de Julho de 2013, 0:00 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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The debate "Free Software in Education, Communication and Management" gathered representatives of three Tech areas of the Maristas (PMFTEC-CESMAR, CMID/Santa Maria and CRC Marista) for exchange of various experiences with free technologies.

The Marista Net of Solidarity develops many digital inclusion projects, such as education courses, workshops, and activities connected to metarecycling, meta-art, free robotics, telecenters and other actions and initiatives.

The Network aims at promoting and defending the rights of childhood and youth, performing ongoing support to children, youth and families through social and educational projects, develops political strategies and promotes education initiatives for solidarity in all its fronts.

The participants highlighted experiences such as the PRISMA software (Marista Social Integration Software) the main tool for management of people and families in the social programme of that Institution. The Software Factory, the well known project Educational Robotics, the Telecenters ABC with Free Technologies, the Project Alquímia and the Conexão Livre Radio.

About The Telecenters, Professor Algir Facco from CMID in Santa Maria says the project has provided access to technology to people that wouldn't have had it otherwise. "Our city has 20k habitants, and from these, only 3% have Internet, so Telecenters are real community spaces. We believe in the transformation of life, through digital inclusion", says the Professor.

Check out more projects developed by the Marista Net at the Free Technologies Show in the PUCRS Hall of Events.

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