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Founder of Ada Initiative advocates women participation in tech events

4 de Julho de 2013, 0:00 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Executive Director and co-founder of Ada Initiative - a foundation that gathers thousands of women in tech and culture - Valérie Aurora opened the second day of the Forum speaking about the importance of women in Free Software conferences. "I attend many events and I can assure you female attendance is almost null, like 2%, and this absence has a serious reason: harassment".

According to Aurora, Fisl is playing an important role at combatting this problem. "At Fisl' website one can find an anti-harassment policy which tells people the kinds of behaviour that are acceptable, what is not allowed, and the sanctions applicable to those who violate it".

Politics, according to Gabriel Galli, who works at the Forum's press team, whishes to provide an experience free from harassment to all participants, regardless of genera, special needs, sex orientation, physical appearance, race, etnicity, religion or economic condition. "We, members of the organization tem and of the Free Software community cannot allow any form of disrespect to the participants. Here everybody will always be received warmly", says Galli.

Aurora provided data about women participation in Free Software conferences, and quoted Brazil as a promising country. "45% of participants in events happening in Malaysia are women. In USA it is 40%. In Brazil female participation drops to 10%". However, that number may increase easily. "Fisl is an example to all of us. Half of all speakers here are women. Besides, they are protected by the anti-harassment policy. This encourages their participation".

Protests in the Brazilian streets were also mentioned by the speaker, who stressed the vast female presence. "Imagine if all these women would stay home instead of going out to protest?" Aurora says intelligence and female kindness make all the difference in the struggle for the whole community of Free Software.

When speaking about the future of conferences, Aurora leaves her message. "Don't tolerate, allow or encourage sexual harassment. Be careful when interpreting a woman", she completed, when talking about precipitated conclusions from men about female sympathy. "We need to make eye contact when talking, this doesn't mean that we're flirting".

Foto: Tárlis Schneider/Indicefoto


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