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Brazil lacks a legislation to ensure and protect Internet users

5 de Julho de 2013, 0:00 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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The urgent need for a legislation to protect the Internet users rights to privacy, freedom, expression and sharing is undisputable. At fisl14, freedom of expression and and web privacy were debated during the third day of the event. According to Luis Fernandes Soeiro, who presented “Além das nuvens: manual de sobrevivência para tempestades tecnológicas e sociais”, the solution is to respect and to demand respect.

At the same time as we see an increase in overall Internet access, it also increases the opposite movement, against free information sharing that can halt technological development of society. Digital inclusion, social network mobilization, copyrights and intellectual property. These are some of the subjects that stop the debate about rights and duties in the web, without a consensus between public agencies, enterpreneurs, social activists and general community.

The activist advocated the free right to knowledge sharing, as this is a historical practice of the human being. "All basis of human knowledge is in sharing. Never in history it was so easy to empower knowledge" Soeiro also stressed the importance of users "stop being just consumers and start being connected humans".

According to him, to face and defend the survival of free sharing it is paramount to unserstand politics and their causes; to be informed and check sources; to fight while respecting the adversary; and to give an example. "Do your part, and tell others how you did it", he concluded. Among the free platforms, he recommended using Retroshare (a secure communication tool in the "Friend to Friend" concept) and Secureshare (encrypted system of social sharing)  - the last one being still in development.

Photo Eduardo Seidl/Indicefoto

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