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fisl 13
25 a 28 de julho
de 2012
Centro de Eventos da PUCRS
Porto Alegre — Brasil

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Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil
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Ginga and enterpreneurship will be subjects of workshops during fisl13

26 de Junho de 2012, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Good ways of monetizing work with Ginga - the Brazilian software for interactive TV - are possible. By means of this approach, the Office of Innovation from the Development, Industry and Commerce Ministry, with support from Intacto Systems Engineering, will promote the Workshop "Ginga and Enterpreneurship", during the 13th edition of the International Free Software Forum.

Ginga is a middleware, an intermediate layer software, not an application to be used directly by the user, but insted it mediates between hardware and the other applications - digital TV in Brazil, specifically.

Given the mandatory inclusion of that tool in televisions manufactured in Brazil, the market for applications will become larger and atractive for advertising, government services and regular tv shows. The goal for this workshop is to gather developers and enterpreneurs to elaborate proposals and business models with the application, that was developed in Brazil and endorsed by ITU (International Telecommunications Union). Ginga is a development from research made by Telemídia Lab - PUC-Rio and the LAViD, from UFPB.

The activity will be divided in two sessions, and will approach the problems of relation between hardware and middleware, potential clients, proposals for sales values and business models. In the end, a group exercise will seek practical solutios for the problems analysed.

The event is due from 26 to 27, July, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, in fisl´ programme. Registrations can be made by the email si at or right before the Workshop. Slots are limited.

See more about Ginga at:

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