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29 JUN / 02 JUL 2011
Centro de Eventos PUCRS - Porto Alegre - Brasil
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Free robotics will be attraction at fisl12

2 de Junho de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 66 comentários | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Every day, thousands of devices and electronic equipments - such as TV's and computers - are replaced, due to obsolescence. This happens because of the speed in which new models are released, and new technologies appear, contributing to the growth of the so-called electronic trash.

But what is regarded as trash by some people, can be raw materials for the Free Robotics Instructors, from the Marista Center of Digital Learning, from Santa Maria and Porto Alegre. Teenagers from low income communities develop robotics projects using raw materials, electronic components and free software.
One of the projects executed by the students of the Marista Center of Digital Learning will be presented in the 12th International Free Software Forum - fisl12. The car completely produced with electronic trash and free software can run up to 4 hours with a single charge.
According to the fisl12 Robotics Workgroup Coordinator
, Eloir José Rockenbach, robotics contributes to the development of the community and also protects the environment, because it prevents components with dangerous chemicals to be released in the environment.
To him, using free software and trash yields more freedom in projects production. Besides, it also contributes to transmission of the colaboration philosophy between members. "Free robotics must be understood as a regular exchange of knowledge. All projects are public and the only competition that exists is between the developer and its own creativity", he says.
This year the robotics activities will occupy two different spaces at fisl12. The Free Technologies Festival, where nine workshops related to free robotics will happen and the Free Atelier, an initiative inspired in metarecycling and the olympic games of free robotics. According to Eloir, the Free Atelier aims to be a room to get together the free culture groups, by carrying debris hacking, improvisation and workshop.
"We thought about technology as something to be explored and demystified, where everybody can understand it enough to be able to create their own crafts. In many decades, specialists have made us believe technology is a black box, so we are trying to revert this reality", he says.
fisl12 will happen from June, 29 to July, 2, in Porto Alegre, in the PUCRS Center of Events, and will have activities devoted to a variety of areas. Follow the news through the website

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