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29 JUN / 02 JUL 2011
Centro de Eventos PUCRS - Porto Alegre - Brasil
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fisl12 to have pre-launch with soiree

17 de Maio de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 9292 comentários | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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cultura3With live music from Porto Alegre musicians committed to the free culture and technology movements, fisl12 - International Free Software Forum - will have a pre-launch in May, 20, at Entreato Bar, Porto alegre, RS.

The soiree will have Richard Serraria, musician from the MPB (movement lead by musicians and free culture activists, devoted to creating room for discussions about music, technology and colaborative communication) and Instituto
Brasilidades (cultural institute created to foster popular brazilian culture in Rio Grande do Sul state). There will be also a photographic exhibition and audio/video projections about that subject, such as "A Guerrilha Midiática" ("Media Guerrilas") from Coletivo Catarse (group of communicators devoted to building alternatives to strengthen culture and independent journalism).

fisl promotes the Free Culture Festival, every edition, that happens during the event, aimed at gathering together hackers, artists, developers and cultural producers, fostering free software as a basis for free culture. During fisl12, there will be workshops, speeches, art performances and night parties.

The fisl12 pre-launch soiree starts as 8PM, at Entreato Bar, Rua da República, 163. Entry fee is R$ 10.00.

fisl12 happens from June, 29, to July, 2 at the Center of Events, PUCRS, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

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