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4 de Novembro de 2014, 13:00 , por clementjean - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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//we have the inclination to say: 'wait a minute, we come after your important decision to show up in the public room', after a good 40 years of keeping worries and having been concentrated too in this domain of social interest I would tell better my public: may be somebody can imagine that I put:  

'without the appetite there will be not even a taste of the pudding token'// what we especially do not like so much is that with our words has been made great commerce and profit, that has never been the meaning of what I am send out for//

1 //for those listening to truth and honesty in this group we have the honor to reddirect to the page in Wikipedia to understand some more about the wish for commitment any christian can feel: 

//a crusade by the citizens of Haarlem tells better about conflicting interests and reasons for that: the ships from the Holland Comites capital Haarlem near Damietta did seize a town plagued by 'the black death desease" (12th century) - such can be even unconsciously for both parties, reason of war//

//** THE CLEM has been born in the township of Haarlem - Holland and now lives and works in the more to the countryside leaning pleasant village town of Heemstede nearby Haarlem city but just at the other side of the Park Forest Haarlemmerhout//

2 //with great concern and prudentially giving like showing a rather vulnerable position I mention we are the owner of pieces of land over all the country of the Netherlands, as well the southern as the northern, but this ownership cannot be considered like a proprietorship, the saying is: "who keeps the land in ownership keeps too a responsibility over it", wether this concerns the inhabitants my story doesn't give. To compensate for this lack in openess I give in here this post the brouillon (link) with the Forest Park of Groenendaal we have pleasure in//

//Groenendaal wandelbos in Heemstede// site information in Dutch/

n.b. //once this Parkbos in Dutch landscape style belonged to the brethren van der Hope, lasts descendants of the banking house Hope living on the estate Buytenhuis, I had the pleasure to become acqainted in his ideolatricon with the late banker Henry Hope who sold me the Parkbos in exchange of an icecream I had myself be bought by a friend one afternoon on a hot day summer 2013, I must say I feel happy with and this ownership out of heritage gives me a feeling of my rights I lacked for a long time, whether this proprietorship makes me feel strong I cannot deny neither adjust//

//we never feel the urge to realize any of our contemplations in the sphere of economy//

//about the issue of 'where is the money' I am slowly cooling down//

Fonte: mastering the tissues

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