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Lançado nova versão do framework PHP Symfony 2.0.5

3 de Novembro de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Logo SymfonyFoi disponibilizado o framework PHP Symfony 2.0.5 contendo 30 mudanças contemplando correções de erros e regressões

Lista de mudança

  • [Security] Fix typo in init:acl command name
  • [DependencyInjection] Fix DefinitionDecorator::getArgument() for replacements
  • [DependencyInjection] fixed int casting for XML files (based on what is done in the YAML component)
  • [HttpFoundation] fixed PHP 5.4 regression
  • [HttpFoundation] removed superfluous query call (closes #2469)
  • [HttpFoundation] made X_REWRITE_URL only available on Windows platforms
  • [HttpKernel] added missing accessor
  • [HttpKernel] Updated mirror method to check for symlinks before dirs and files
  • [HttpKernel] fixed profile saving when it has children
  • [HttpKernel] fixed missing init for Profile children property
  • [HttpKernel] fixed profile parent/children for deep-nested requests
  • [BrowserKit] fixed cookie updates from Response (the URI here is not the base URI, so it should not be used to determine the default values missing in the cookie)
  • [BrowserKit] Fixed cookie expiry discard when attribute contains capitals
  • [Form] Use proper parent (text) for EmailType and TextareaType
  • [Form] Added type check to ScalarToChoiceTransformer
  • [Form] Fixed lacking attributes in DateTimeType
  • [Bridge][Doctrine] Adding a catch for when a developer uses the EntityType with multiple=false but on a "hasMany" relationship
  • [Translation] Loader should only load local files
  • [Console] fixed typo (closes #2358)
  • [MonologBridge] Adjust for Monolog 1.0.2
  • [Routing] fixed side-effect in the PHP matcher dumper
  • [FrameworkBundle] fixed priority to be consistent with 2.1
  • [Doctrine] GH-1635 - UniqueValidator now works with associations
  • added the ability to use dot and single quotes in the keys and values
  • Check if cache_warmer service is available before doing the actual cache warmup
  • Increased the priority of the profiler request listener
  • session data needs to be encoded because it can contain non binary safe characters e.g null. Fixes #2067
  • anything in front of ;q= is part of the mime type, anything after may be ignored
  • Added translations for "hy"
  • Fix ternary operator usage in RequestMatcher::checkIpv6()

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