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Wikimedia: multiple ways to collaborate and cooperate

6 de Julho de 2013, 0:00 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Por Ntidandara Silva

Wikimedia was founded after Wikipedia, aiming to join and strenghten the various Wikipedia projects - like Wikinews, Wikimania, Wikibooks, commoons, wikisources, wikispecies, meta, wikicit actions, wikicionary, wikiversity, incubator, mediawiki, wikivoyage and wikidata, which works as a catalyser of all the data and projects, standardizing and organizing them.

Inside Wikimedia there is the project Catalizador Educação, which started in the end of 2011 using the idea that Wikipedia and its projects could be used in schools as a source of research, thus encouraging new members for the voluntary team of Wikimedia.

Oona Castro, Director of Wikimedia Brasil, also explained some of the recurring doubts, for example:

_ Editors and revisors are all voluntary, not paid.
_ Any one can edit or insert informations since they have sources and the informations are relevant to the projects.
_ Brazilian Wikipedia is not a copy of the english Wikipedia. There are indeed some translations, but the content is mostly original.
_ Posted informations are reliable, since there are voluntaries looking to the published content, removing what is absent of source.
_ Wikipedia is an excellent source of primary research.
 _ Brazil contributes to around 80% of the portuguese content in Wikipedia (it is divided by idioms), being the world's 9º.

Photo: Camila Cunha/indicefoto

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