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Registration for User Groups is now Open

6 de Maio de 2013, 0:00 , por Daniel O'Maley - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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User groups are the foundation of the free software community. The embryo of the free software movement was a group of programmers who, unhappy with the new trend at the time in which software companies converted source codes that previously circulated freely among programmers into trade secrets, gathered in support of a goal to propagate and promote the maintenance of the philosophy of "free software."

Nowadays user groups continue with the intent to collectively develop, promote and defend the cause. Be it GNU/Linux, Debian Brazil, BR-Ubuntu, Fedora Brazil, Pandorga GNU/Linux - or another free operating system - OpenBSD-BR, FUG-BR (FreeBSD) - a favorite programming language like - PyTchê (Python), Brazil Perl Mongers, RSJUG (Java), RS-GURU (Ruby) - or simply a collective that identifies other aspects of the cause, such as the / MNT - Women in Technology, Tchelinux, Texto Livre, the Cirandase Collective or even Girls CPBR .

These are just a few of the hundreds of user groups who have participated in  FISL in previous editions. (Learn more by visiting the links: fisl13, fisl12, fisl11, fisl10.)

Participation involves bringing your group and maintaining a prime space on the event floor. You will be able to share your ideas and causes, exchange experiences, and gain new allies. What is your group? Register your user group until June 5th. Seats are limited.

Each selected group receives a booth in which two members must always be present (it’s a relay!), to meet the demands of the public and also the media. After all, what better way to showcase the common goal of the user group?

Registration is open! Learn about the rules of participation and also the entire participation rules (In Portuguese).


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