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Ministry of Planning and Budget talks about the construction of the New Brazilian Public Software Portal

4 de Julho de 2013, 0:00 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Fotografia: Breno Neves

The IT Analyst from the Ministry of Planning and Budget spoke about the construction of the new Brazilian Public Software Portal (being re-constructed), which is targeted at better serving society, better quality in solutions provided, and overall tech improvement.

The Brazilian Public Software Portal (SPB) is a project coordinated by the Minsitry of Planning and Budget (MPOG) by means of their SLTI (IT and Logistics Secretariat), created in 2006. The project introduces new concepts aimed at the betterment of governmental management.

SPB currently hosts more than 60 software solutions and has over 100k users registered. Among users there are suppliers and demanders of solutions, organized in communities created around each software solution. They can participated in as many communities they wish, and play various roles in each of them. SPB model is based in the process of Free Software development, with strong emphasis in voluntary participation.

Among the novelties presented, the development of new pages of softwares, users and developers. The Ministry also disclosed syncronization of repos using GIT, availability of the environment in Universities by means of the AvaliaSPB, organization of the public admin area, and answering users demands, the new Portal will host alternative medias (tutorial videos for use of SPB and integration with social networks)

Photo: Breno Neves/ GT Comunicação do fisl14.

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