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GIMP Project releases stable version 2.8

7 de Maio de 2012, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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After three years of collaborative development, the GIMP Project releases version 2.8, with improvements and innovations both in the user interface and in the tools and features.

IN the UI now there's an option to have a single window for all the GIMP tools. The previous floating windows remains the default, but you can switch between them and have this config saved.

Version 2.8 also allows dialogs docked to multiple columns. To create a new column, simply drag and release a dialog in the vertical edges of a window. That's an interesting feature for a multi-monitor configuration, where one monitor keeps all the dialogs, and the other one keeps all the images.

GIMP 2,8 brings a new concept in file export. Saving and exporting files are now clearly separated operations. Saving a file can only be done in xcf format (GMIP's native). To generate files in other formats, you use the Export function, in the File menu. This distinction makes it clear the preservation of all image information, when Save is used. There are some optimizations for alternative workflows, such as opening a jpg, working quickly in it and then exporting to the same file. This modification allowed to get rid of all the annoying dialogs about "flattening an image", when saving in formats that can't handle layers.

Image layers get a new feature: they now can be grouped in groups of layers, as in a tree structure. For complex works, the previous "flat" structure was very limiting.

Text edition now is made directly in the image, instead of a separate window. All the text attributes - position, font, size, alignment - will be able to be edited in this way.

All the tools drawings were ported to Cairo, for smooth and modern graphics, worthy of the users' expectations. All the plugins - except for a few - were also ported to Cairo. Additionally, tools now use a progress indicator right in the screen, instead of the one in the status bar.

As usual, GIMP can be found in its website. And here are Release Notes for version 2.8. Source-code download can be made in this link. To obtain a binary package for your distribution, wait a couple days, since this release is quite new (May, 3, 2012).

Guilherme Razgriz, Executive Director of Cria Livre, a School for Graphic Computing with Free Software, and active participant of the community, told us he's eager to know their student's reactions about the new interface (but personally, he'll just continue with the traditional one :). He also said he'll bring activities based in the GIMP to #fisl13:

"Yes, I'm planning to bring several activities involving GIMP, but everything will depend on whether they'll be approved, and if I'll be able to spare some budget for the travel, apart all that, yes I do plan to do everything in the new GIMP!"

Every year, the area of graphic arts and multimedia are always well represented at fisl. In fisl12 there were speeches and workshops based on GIMP. There were also activities with Inkscape and Blender 3D. To check out this year's programme, stay tuned to the 
Call for Works!

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