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29 JUN / 02 JUL 2011
Centro de Eventos PUCRS - Porto Alegre - Brasil
Agende-se para o fisl13! De 25 a 28/07/2012

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Users Groups registrations for fisl12 closed

14 de Junho de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 5252 comentários | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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The search by Users Groups interested in attending fisl was so intense that the available 40 positions were all taken a few weeks prior to the event. Just like previous editions, fisl12 opens up room for users groups from the most diverse languages, technologies, operating systems and technological trends related to free software.

Users Groups have, at fisl, adequate room for experience sharing and also an opportunity to show their work. Between the groups attending for the first time are:
Projeto Software Livre Trinacional - PS-TRINACIONAL, from Foz do Iguaçu, which aims to promote use and development of free software as an economic and technologic alternative, by means of a project that invest in production and qualification of local knowledge using a new paradigm of sustainable development and the Free Networks Group, with participants from vaious countries.

To Rodrigo Troian, one of the participants in the Free Networks group, the event is a great opportunity to social network and to popularise free networks. "Besides the users groups, we'll have a collective manifesto signing, speakers from various places in Latin America and a workshop followed by an event for testing, that we call mesh batlle", he says.

Also confirmed the groups GarotasCPBr, Poseidon Linux, Feminino Livre, Projeto Fedora Brasil, NCC/GridUNESP, Pandorga GNU/Linux, TI support group SL ULBRA, Colméia - Free software Research Group SL-RJ, Magento RS, PHP Brasil Comunidades, GuruRS,, Gentoo Linux Brasil, Espírito Livre Magazine, Grupo WebLovers, Ubuntu Brasil , KDE - Brasil, Software Livre Educacional, Users SNEP,, TcheLinux, Solisc, Editora Educadora Ecoaecoa, Joomla!, Project Cauã, LUG-AL (Linux Users Group) from Alagoas, GUS-Br: Slackware do Brasil Users Groups, ArduInRio, UBUNTU BRASIL, ENEC e GNOME Brasil.
What is a Users Group?
It is a group of people that organizes aroound a common interest to work colaboratively. Users Groups play a fundamental role in knowledge dissemination.

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