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Released the new version of Noosfero, 0.36.0 "Desanos"

5 de Abril de 2012, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 1Um comentário | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Noosfero is a web platform for social and solidarity economy networks with blog, e-Porfolios, CMS, RSS, thematic discussion, events agenda and collective inteligence for solidarity economy in the same system!

Besides that, Noosfero is a free software project, developed by Colivre along with the contribution of a community of developers to ensure the release of new versions every month.

If you want to know more about us, visit or join the group noosfero! on

The New Version

Here it is a new version of Noosfero, the 0.36.0 “Desanos”. One of the most important changes is the upgrade for rails 2.3.5, so the new version no longer supports the 2.1 version. Besides that, we update all the dependencies that were compatible with Debian Squeeze. So to upgrade to the new version 0.36.0 of the Noosfero, administrators of the servers need to update their systems for Debian Squeeze. Another important detail is to change the name of the repository. The 0.35.3 version of Noosfero, last one released with Rails 2.1.0, has been frozen. To get it, add the following line to your archive:


deb ./

The news for users are on the comments. If you uncheck "I want to receive comments about this article" in any content that has already been mentioned before, the old comments will remain online.

In addition, you can block comments from unauthenticated users. This is done if the system administrator enable this plug-in and so people who are not logged will not be able to comment on posted content. But even with this plug-in, you can still receive comments from unauthenticated users into the content of profiles and communities that you administer. Simply follow these steps:

1 - Access the control panel (profile or community that you manage);
2 - Click on "Information and Profile Settings";
3 - Check "Accepting comments from unauthenticated users";
4 - Click "Save".

And there’s also new things for developers
- Script to a start a development environment on Debian Noosfero quicker
(script /quick-start-debian)
- Added a Gemfile to install dependencies of acceptance tests
- Tests of the plugins are now performed along with other tests
- Replaced the Mongrel Thin as a Web server
- Only run the migrations of enabled plugins
- All the migrations of all plugins are executed before the tests
- The package Noosfero now depends on an email server (MTA) and defaults to exim4
- Improvements in plugin Mezuro

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