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last weekend I and @gabithume attended to Node.js Knockout. we...

12 de Novembro de 2013, 19:24 , por Software Livre Brasil - 1717 comentários | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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last weekend I and @gabithume attended to Node.js Knockout. we wanted to create a easier way to people start coding in Processing inspired by Scratch, Waterbear and Blockly.

we ended with Waterbear Playground, a place to “code in ProcessingJS using just blocks” :-)

it uses Waterbear and ProcessingJS and many commands from Processing is already implemented as drag-and-drop colored blocks.

Node.js Knockout is an amazing hackathon, very well organized and Node.js community is inspiring, lots of great tools and people.

thank you so much @dethe, @gabithume and @forresto for all the inspiration and support!

hoping to commit those changes in Waterbear repos ASAP and continue it dev.

oh, votes are appreciated ;-)


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