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It's our birthday!

19 de Setembro de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.

In September, 11, ASL completed eight years of battles and accomplishments in behalf of free software! See below what some of our coordinators have to say about the organization and feel free to write your own commentary to ASL in its birthday month. Leave your statement about the importance of the Association, its relevance to society, or what those eight years represent and what to hope for. All those who manifest their views will be eligible to win a ASL t-shirt with the new visual identity. Three t-shirts will be drawn. Please do participate, leave your testimony and celebrate this date with us! The draw is due in the end of the month.


"In these 8 years free software has grown riper, with many amazing results. The most important is to create the culture of sharing and free knowledge", Felipe Santo - Coordenador Financeiro da ASL.

"Freedom, technological evolution and knowledge sharing are naturally connected to free software", Ricardo Fritsch - ASL General Coordinator

"No single being of any species should be deprived of its Freedoms. For a long time in this planet, powerful forces have sought to limit us in many ways... ASL, in eight years, have made its share in behalf of humanity in the struggle for Free Software. And this technological freedom certainly is vital to the context of the Internet, currently the only path to access to the Truth. The seek for this Truth will release us", Thomas Soares - ASL Associate Coordinator.

"After 12 years, free software lives a new moment, a time of ripening and consolidation, where it is seen as a real and powerful alternative to the traditional - and why not to say, sterile - software development model. Sharing and colaboration are the new watchwords in this millenium and PSL.Br, supported by ASL.Org in the last eight years, have bravely fullfilled their duties, to promote the usage, development and popularization of free knowledge, main reason for the existence and sustainance of this fight", Sady Jacques - Embaixador da ASL.


This t-shirt may be yours:


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