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7 de Dezembro de 2009, 0:00 , por Desconhecido - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
Licenciado sob GNU FDL

WSL tem entrada gratuita! / WSL has free entrance!

20 de Junho de 2017, 10:08, por Daniel Nehme Muller - 0sem comentários ainda

Wsl2017 chamada


O WSL tem entrada gratuita, mas vagas limitadas! Inscreva-se agora!


The Workshop on free Software has free entrance. Sign up now!

WSL 2017 Preliminary programming

16 de Junho de 2017, 16:20, por Daniel Nehme Muller - 0sem comentários ainda

Announced the WSL 2017 preliminary schedule! Click Here!

Published the list of Accepted Papers to WSL 2017!

6 de Junho de 2017, 18:00, por Daniel Nehme Muller

The list of accepted papers to WSL 2017 is online! Check the list here!

Congratulations to all authors with accepted papers.

WSL 2017 presentations will be held July 10-13 along with a FISL18 launch event.

See you soon at Porto Alegre!

WSL 2017 - LAST deadline: May 16 !!!

28 de Abril de 2017, 18:00, por Daniel Nehme Muller

The LAST deadline of the call for papers and tools for the WSL 2017 edition is May 16.

Submit your work to continue honoring the WSL, which will make 18 consecutive years in this edition!

Note: FISL 2017 edition has been postponed to a later date and therefore will not occur with WSL. However, we will have FISL preparation activities being carried out jointly with WSL. Wait for news!

WSL 2017 - New Deadline is May 2 !!!

17 de Abril de 2017, 12:40, por Daniel Nehme Muller

We are postponing the deadline of the call for papers and tools for the WSL 2017 edition.

The new date is May 2.

We are waiting for your paper!

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