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PulseAudio 1.1

21 de Outubro de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Logo PulseAudioO Servidor de Áudio multi-plataforma PulseAudio disponibilizou hoje a versão 1.1, a lista de mudanças esta logo abaixo

  • alsa: Better error handling in mixer rtpoll callback
  • alsa: Give compressed formats preference over PCM
  • alsa: Make mixer error handling more robust still
  • build-sys: bump soname
  • build-sys: Drop libsamplerate from pulsecommon deps
  • build-sys: Provide a simple CMake Config setup (similar to pkgconfig)
  • conf: Use .nofail when loading module-jackdbus-detect
  • daemon: Don't treat it as a fatal error if we can't connect to the session bus
  • doc: Add some more doxygen tags to existing comments
  • echo-cancel: Close debug files on module unload
  • echo-cancel: Don't crash if adjust_time = 0
  • echo-cancel: Fail if loaded between a sink and its monitor
  • extended: Fix doxygen comment style typos
  • filter-apply: Move sink/source unlink callbacks before m-s-r
  • Fix deferred volume not being applied if sink is closed
  • libpulse: Always return a three part version number in API calls.
  • Make pulse build with clang again
  • module-jackdbus-detect: Avoid double-free of modargs
  • native: Fix Solaris build
  • null-sink: Set latency range at the time of initialization of module.
  • osx: don't build the once-test binary on OS X
  • osx: module_bonjour_publish needs to be linked against
  • sink: Move updating the requested latency after the rewind request when finishing a stream move.
  • sink,source: Avoid unnecessary call to pa_rtclock_now()
  • solaris: Use real_volume for set/get volume
  • source-output: Do not use unset channel map in pa_source_output_new
  • tests: Fix calculation of memblock size in resampler-test
  • Update LICENSE.

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