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Kernel Linux 3.1.2

22 de Novembro de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Tux NinjaFoi disponibilizado uma versão de manutenção do Kernel Linux, a versão 3.1.2 traz apenas 26 commits com destaque para correções no subsistema ALSA e no Direct Rendering Manager (DRM).

  • ALSA: hda - Don't add elements of other codecs to vmaster slave
  • ALSA: hda - fix internal mic on Dell Vostro 3500 laptop
  • ALSA: usb-audio - Check the dB-range validity in the later read, too
  • ALSA: usb-audio - Fix the missing volume quirks at delayed init
  • ARM: at91: Fix USBA gadget registration
  • ASoC: Don't use wm8994->control_data in wm8994_readable_register()
  • b43: refuse to load unsupported firmware
  • backing-dev: ensure wakeup_timer is deleted
  • block: Always check length of all iov entries in blk_rq_map_user_iov()
  • drm/i915: Fix object refcount leak on mmappable size limit error path.
  • drm/nouveau: initialize chan->fence.lock before use
  • drm/radeon: add some missing FireMV pci ids
  • drm/radeon/kms: make an aux failure debug only
  • hfs: add sanity check for file name length
  • KEYS: Fix a NULL pointer deref in the user-defined key type
  • mfd: Fix twl4030 dependencies for audio codec
  • powerpc: Add hvcall.h include to book3s_hv.c
  • powerpc: Copy down exception vectors after feature fixups
  • powerpc/ps3: Fix lost SMP IPIs
  • Revert "leds: save the delay values after a successful call to blink_set()"
  • sh: Fix cached/uncaced address calculation in 29bit mode
  • staging: brcm80211: fill in proper rx rate in mac80211 rx status
  • virtio-pci: fix use after free
  • xen-gntalloc: integer overflow in gntalloc_ioctl_alloc()
  • xen-gntalloc: signedness bug in add_grefs()
  • xen:pvhvm: enable PVHVM VCPU placement when using more than 32 CPUs.

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