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7 de Dezembro de 2009, 0:00 , por Desconhecido - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
Mageia é um fork do Mandriva Linux, apoiada por uma organização sem fins lucrativos reconhecida e colaboradores eleitos. Mais do que apenas oferecer um sistema operacional livre, seguro, estável e sustentável, o objetivo é a criação de uma administração estável e confiável para orientar projetos colaborativos.

Este blog é alimentado pela comunidade aqui na rede e pelo feed do Planet Mageia English.

Mageia Blog (English) : Weekly roundup 2017 – week 24

18 de Junho de 2017, 20:23, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda


A nice snippet about the state of Cauldron from the Dev mailing list today – a mail with the subject “Nobody touches anything!” noted that the last autobuild (all of the Mageia packages get rebuilt each week to check for issues) only had one failure due to the latest curl update – the previous best was 12. To gain proper perspective please note that autobuild managed to build the other 13649 packages successfully.

ISO testing for the final release of Mageia 6 is ongoing, they’re starting to look good, although there was a bug found in 32-bit Gnome Calculator and an intermittent issue with a black screen in Plasma at startup that should be fixed soon.

Updates wise, it is unsurprisingly slowing down on Cauldron, there were still a few though, so here is a list of the major ones:

  • curl 7.51.1
  • whois 5.2.16
  • plasma-pk-updates 0.3.1
  • thunderbird 52.2.0
  • kernel 4.9.32
  • postfix 3.1.6
  • firefox 52.2.0

There were also bugfixes for packagekit, atlas and git among others.

Mageia 5

Lots of updates for Mageia 5 again this week, here are some of the larger ones:

  • catdoc 0.95 – security fix
  • tor – CVE fix
  • flash-player-plugin – multiple CVE fixes
  • smb4k 1.2.3 – CVE fix

Mageia Blog (English) : Weekly roundup 2017, week 23

10 de Junho de 2017, 20:26, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda


So Cauldron is in release freeze now, and new ISOs have been built. Tests so far are looking good, there was one issue with initial application launches on the Plasma live build causing a freeze on some occasions, but it’s being worked on so there should be a fix soon.

Update wise, Cauldron has been quiet with the main activity on bug fixes, here are some of the main ones:

  • sugar desktop
  • kodi
  • qemu
  • perl

Most of the Mageia specific tools: urpmi, rpmdrake and the control centre have been updated to fix some missing translations.

That said, there were a few version updates, here are some of the main ones:

  • packagekit 1.1.6
  • kernel 4.9.31
  • ffmpeg 3.3.2
  • mesa 17.1.2

Mageia 5

There have been lots of updates for Mageia 5 this week, here is a selection of the main ones:

  • sympa 6.1.25 – bugfix updates
  • puppet 3.6.2-3.1 – CVE fix
  • nss 3.28.5 – CVE fix
  • ansible – multiple CVE fixes
  • dropbear 2014.66-1.3 CVE fixes

Mageia Blog (English) : Weekly roundup 2017 – week 22

4 de Junho de 2017, 17:18, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda


The big news for Mageia 6 is that we are entering release freeze imminently, this means that any further updates to Cauldron must be for a very specific reason, like a critical bug fix or similar. This will allow for the final ISO building and testing get underway, so Mageia 6 will be released soon.

Updates wise, there has been a few for Cauldron with various packages getting updates to ease maintainability for the Mageia 6 life cycle. Here is a selection of the major ones:

  • filezilla 3.26.1
  • puppet 4.2.1
  • nouveau 1.0.15
  • sudo 1.8.20p2
  • fotoxx 17.04.2
  • darktable 2.2.5
  • enlightenment 0.21.8

There was also a kernel update, while this wasn’t a new version it did bring fixes for an IOMMU bug on AMD systems and Intel i915 fixes.

Mageia 5

There have been a number of bugfix and security updates for Mageia 5, here is a selection of them:

  • mariadb 10.0.31 – various upstream bugfixes
  • vlc 2.2.6 – security update
  • openvpn 2.3.16 – multiple CVE fixes
  • git 2.7.4-1.1 – CVE fix
  • pcmanfm 1.2.3-2.3 – CVE fix


There are some shows and events coming up soon, so we are looking to get in new goodies and to replace the used stock, one of the ideas that we were going to try was badges, this is one of the designs we were thinking of, what do you think of this? We were also looking for other ideas, currently, we have stickers, pens, USB keys and t-shirts, there was also a cup design, is this something that you would like to see at an event, or is there something else that you think would be good to have?


Mageia Blog (English) : Weekly roundup 2017 – week 21

27 de Maio de 2017, 21:20, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda

So the biggest news this week has been the Mageia 6 RC release. We are all really happy with it and with the feedback that we are getting so far, so a big thanks to all of the testers and to everyone that helped with packaging, QA, bug triage, ISO building and all of the other things needed to get a release out.


Despite the release, there has still been plenty of work on Cauldron, the biggest update is to Plasma 5.8.7, but as this is a pretty critical piece, it went first to the Updates Testing repository to check everything over before being moved to the Core Release repository today. Mageia-prime was also updated in the testing repository, so if you use Nvidia Optimus and want to test it, feel free to have a look. Other updates include:

  • smplayer 17.5.0
  • docker 17.03.1
  • webkit 2.16.3
  • qbittorrent 3.3.12
  • flatpak 0.9.4
  • networkmanager 1.8.0
  • kernel 4.9.30efl 1.9.1
  • thunderbird 52.1.1
  • firefox 52.1.2
  • samba 4.5.9

In total there were around 250 package updates since last week, so a busy week all around.

Mageia 5

Now that the QA team has more time, a large number of updates were validated for Mageia 5, here is a selection:

  • webmin 1.840 – CVE and bugfix
  • flash-player-plugin – multiple CVE fixes
  • vlc – CVE and bugfix
  • samba 3.6.25-2.7 – multiple CVE fixes
  • kernel 4.4.68 – multiple CVE fixes


Lastly, but very much not least, the forums are back with all of the history intact which is very welcome so you can report on any testing that you do with the RC there, on the mailing lists or on our Bugzilla.
We really appreciate your patience and understanding with the downtime.

Mageia Blog (English) : Mageia 6 RC, we are nearly there

24 de Maio de 2017, 23:21, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda

Everyone at Mageia is exceptionally happy and proud to announce the availability of the release candidate of Mageia 6. It has been a long road, but we are at the last step and Mageia 6 is just around the corner.

The extra time that this release has taken has had one huge benefit: the number of new and exciting additions to Mageia is staggering. They include the now far more mature Plasma to replace KDE4, the DNF and COPR stacks to supplement urpmi, big updates to the major desktops and the other large stacks and components, and lots of package updates.

Since Mageia 6 sta 2, a lot of work has been done on the installer, especially regarding the support of proprietary drivers and VirtualBox support. More than 30 blocker bugs have been resolved over the 2½ months that the RC took to prepare. A big thank you to all the testers and developers involved in this process!

The QA team and the packagers spend a lot of time ironing out the upgrade process by reporting and fixing many package conflicts. Thanks to your feedback on those RC ISOs, we should hopefully be able to fix the last corner cases. Note: when upgrading with the classical installer ISOs, make sure to enable additional repositories to ensure that all your Mageia 5 packages can be upgraded.

We have also changed the ISO lineup. While the new Xfce ISOs were available with sta2, the positive feedback and their popularity has meant that we can confidently add them on a permanent basis. The available ISOs are as follows:

  • 32-bit Classical Installer DVD
  • 64-bit Classical Installer DVD
  • GNOME 64-bit Live DVD
  • Plasma 64-bit Live DVD
  • Xfce 32-bit Live DVD
  • Xfce 64-bit Live DVD

All of these ISOs can be used on USB sticks if required. If bootable CD media is needed, we offer the boot.iso that can use one of many different sources for retrieving packages, including a network mirror, a locally mirrored set of packages, or the Classical Installer DVD. Instructions for using the boot.iso are available here.

Package Versions

The release candidate, and very likely Mageia 6 by extension will ship with the following major packages:

  • Linux Kernel 4.9.28 (current LTS)
  • X.Org 1.19.3
  • Plasma 5.8.6 (current LTS)
  • Gnome 3.24.3
  • MATE 1.18.2
  • Cinnamon 3.2.8
  • Xfce 4.12.1
  • LibreOffice
  • Firefox 52 ESR
  • Thunderbird 52
  • Chromium 57

The full list of all shipped software can be seen on the .idx file for its respective ISO.

If you would like to test out the release candidate, the ISOs can be downloaded from here. Alternatively, you can use BitTorrent, which is available here.
While we would greatly appreciate the wider testing and feedback and any issues that you report to the Mageia Bugzilla, please bear in mind that this is not the final release.
To that end, the release notes are available here and the errata here.

As you may have noticed, the Mageia forums (at least those hosted on are still unavailable (however, the French forum is still available), as their migration to Mageia 5 gives our sysadmins some headaches. If there is anything that you would like to discuss, we encourage you to use the mailing lists or IRC channels in the meantime. Of course, fixing the forums is still the highest priority for our sysadmins, so they should hopefully be restored soon.

Image credit: xkcd

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