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6 de Dezembro de 2009 , por Desconhecido -
Mageia é um fork do Mandriva Linux, apoiada por uma organização sem fins lucrativos reconhecida e colaboradores eleitos. Mais do que apenas oferecer um sistema operacional livre, seguro, estável e sustentável, o objetivo é a criação de uma administração estável e confiável para orientar projetos colaborativos.

Este blog é alimentado pela comunidade aqui na rede e pelo feed do Planet Mageia English.

Nicolas Lécureuil (neoclust) : KDE Applications 15.08 RC

9 de Agosto de 2015, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda

KDE Applications 15.08 RC is now available in Mageia cauldron with new akonadi and Kdepim based on KF5.

As reminder, please report bugs to KDE Bugzilla and packaging bug to Mageia Bugzilla

Nicolas Lécureuil (neoclust) : Major update in cauldron

26 de Julho de 2015, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda

Now that cauldron is open, the kde team has updated KF5 to 5.12.0, Plasma to 5.3.2 and Kde Applications to 15.04.3.

we have added minimal kde-workspace and kdebase4-runtime that can now be installed with plasma.

This migration is a good way to remove old and unmaintained apps.

If you want to help don’t be shy :)

Known issues:
SystemSettings has no icons if .kde is missing.
No customisation for now.

Liberdade na Fronteira : LaKademy 2015 – my own Cantor sprint and other tasks

17 de Julho de 2015, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda

From June 3 to 6, KDE Brazil team come back to Salvador/Bahia to attend KDE Latin America Summit 2015 – or, using the coolest name, LaKademy 2015.

Aracele wrote about how the KDE Brazil started in her post. It is inevitable not to think the same when we talk about KDE and Bahia together. KDE has had collaborators in Brazil and Latin America since many years ago (KDHelio is here to remember us 😉 ) but the modern KDE Brazil team, community oriented, with a continuous presence in free software conferences in Brazil, has several developers, translators, and more, born in Bahia from the work performed by Live Blue team – Sandro and Tomaz. Therefore, a trip to Bahia is not only a journey to the birthplace of modern Brazil – it is a trip to the birthplace of modern KDE Brazil too.

My main work at LaKademy 2015 was to finish the port of Cantor to Qt5/KF5. I started this work in previous LaKademy, and now it was the time to end it. During the event I was engaged to drop KDELibs4Support from that software. I opened 5 review requests during the sprint, one for each library dropped. Now I am just finishing the plugin loading mechanism and the work will be completed.

But it was not my only task. During the event we had some projectors to present talks or to show anything related with free software contributions. I presented the process of code review for the audience and how to submit a review request. It was really interesting for the newcomers.

“Huumm… I am going to compile this patch. Let’s see what happens.”

Putting different contributors and newcomers together is a nice moment to exchange tips and get help for several contribution aspects. It is interesting to see the different Linux distributions used by each developer, how each developer configures their environment, and more. It is also a nice time to sit side-by-side with contributors to learn more, and to teach something to newcomers.

As I worked on the Cantor port, I was assisted by Daniela and Alana to drop KDialog from the source code. Another interesting moment was to see the code contribution of Ícaro, Rodrigo, and Fernando, adding an automatically increase balls size feature in Kollision – we need to delivery it for our users!

“What do you think about this line?”

And, of course, we had an extended promo meeting to discuss the KDE activities in Brazil for this year. If you have Portuguese skills, you can see our actions and proposals in the KDE Brazil board at kanboard.

Promo Promo Promo Promo Promo Promo

Now it is time to spread the KDE message in Brazilian free software events this year – and this work begins next week at FISL.

So, thank you Sandro for all your work organizing the LaKademy 2015 and all your work related with KDE Brazil. I would also like to thank all supporters of LaKademy 2015 crowdfunding and KDE e.V. – you make it happen! Thank you Aleix Pol for reviewing my code contributions! =)

And thank you Salvador for the amazing city and food! =D

We are a happy family!

Mageia Blog (English) : Solid and strong and humming along – here’s Mageia 5!

19 de Junho de 2015, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda

After more than one year of development, the Mageia community is very proud to finally deliver this long-awaited release, Mageia 5. This release announcement is a big sigh of relief, an “At last!” that comes straight from the heart of the weary – tired as one can be after long days of hard but rewarding work.

And still, we chose to take our time to fix major issues and have a high quality release, without rushing it. Maybe our best release so far, taking into account the impressive work that was done on the installer, both to add new features and to get rid of old bugs.

If our “At last!” also echoes in you after months of waiting for this release, go grab it right now! While it downloads, feel free to read on and learn more about Mageia 5:

What’s new in Mageia 5

The main spotlight of Mageia 5 is the support of UEFI systems. If you are not familiar with the term, feel free to check our detailed article about it. In a few words, let’s say that most systems with recent hardware (3 years old or newer) are equipped with UEFI, so in order for our users to be able to install Mageia 5 easily on recent hardware, UEFI support was a must.

Implementing support for UEFI boot and the partitioning changes that are inherent to this new technology meant making lots of changes in our installer. It was done incrementally, fixing bugs as they showed up, and discovering new and old issues along the way. We were lucky to have a very dedicated team of QA testers for this release, and they fiddled with the installer to try to find its shortcomings on the most exotic settings. All in all, those tests spawned many fixes and new features in our installer on top of the new UEFI support: RAID support, GRUB 2 integration, changes to the partitioner…

Of course this new release is not only about the installer changes; all packages have been updated, and we did a lot of work to ensure that all packages built fine against the new toolchain in Mageia 5. Among others, you will find:

  • Low-level: Kernel 3.19.8, 1.16.4
  • Toolkits: Qt 5.4.0, GTK+ 3.14.8
  • Desktop environments: KDE 4.14.3, GNOME 3.14, Cinnamon 2.4.5, MATE 1.8.0, XFCE 4.12, LXQt 0.9.0, Plasma 5.1.2
  • Applications: LibreOffice, Firefox ESR 31.7.0 (will soon be updated to Firefox ESR 38.x)

Feel free to browse Mageia App DB’s comparison page (applications only and all updated packages) to see the differences between Mageia 4 and Mageia 5. All in all, Mageia 5 contains almost 2,000 applications and 25,000 packages, all available from the official repositories.

Why choose Mageia

One word: community. Mageia is a top-notch Linux distribution entirely made by and for its community. No strings attached, no company behind it, only users who have a great time developing the distribution that they use daily, at home or at work. And as a Mageia user, you are part of this rewarding experience, and you can contribute in many different ways to make it yours.

Mageia is shaped for its users, and is therefore suitable in any environment: work, home, servers, leisure. Everything is supported directly by the community through the official repositories, out of the box. Mageia has always striven to offer a universal usage experience across a large set of desktop environments, integrated with some of the best control and administration tools available.

The Mageia 5 look

As always for the artwork, we called for contributions from the community and we received high quality proposals. We chose the starry night painted by Robert Gormly, but you’ll also find many additional wallpapers and screensavers that we selected from the community contributions.

Mageia 5 official wallpaper

A special thanks

This release would not have been possible without the support of our whole community, so this is a thank you from everyone to the sysadmins, the QA and security teams, the documentation team, the atelier team and the translators, the packagers, the bug triagers and the developers, and finally, everyone else for their feedback and support on forums, mailing lists, and IRC channels, as well as their bug reports and donations.

Have fun with Mageia 5!

Mageia Blog (English) : Mageia servers are down

7 de Junho de 2015, por Planet Mageia (English) - 0sem comentários ainda

We call it “the famous release syndrome”! Part of Mageia servers are down at the moment. Investigation in progress, we hope to get it back on line soon. Stay tuned!

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