Fridrich Strba, Free Software enthusiast!

April 14, 2014, by Bruno Buys

Fridrich Strba is a slovak, Free Software enthusiast and evangelist.He worked in the code base of LibreOffice during years, improving various aspects of the file filters, starting with the wordperfect filter. Then he migrated to security issues and filters for other formats such as Wordperfect Graphics, MS Works, Visio, among others. Currently he works for SUSE at SUSE Linux Enterprise.
Fridrich continues to dedicate his time to free proprietary documents from vendor lock in. He also acts as a mentor, including new hackers into the project.

Mr. Strba is also a polyglot.
Can he speak portuguese? We´ll find out at FISL15!

Pre-FISL Amazon!

April 13, 2014, by Bruno Buys

In 2014, finally, the International Free Software Forum will officially reach Brazil's north region, confirming that Free Software is a national passion, from Oiapoque to Chuí.
The event is a warm-up to the 15th edition of FISL n Porto Alegre, May, from 7 to 10.
Starting in Belem do Pará, FISL AMAZÔNIA will happen April, from 10 to 11, at the Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Pará.

InvestForum - Your project becoming reality

April 13, 2014, by Bruno Buys