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7 a 10 de Maio de 2014
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InvestForum - Your project becoming reality

13 de Abril de 2014, 22:57 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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InvestForum is aimed at fostering, developing and qualifying enterpreneurship among applications developers using Free Software. We believe a greater interaction between developers/enterpreneurs and investor/business people is paramount so new ideas and work partnerships can emerge.

In ASL coordinator Ricardo Fritsch's own words "FISL has always been promoting the most urgent debates about innovation, new models of business, education and digital culture, freedom and knowledge. In the last years, subjects such as enterpreneurship and startups have joined in. With InvestForum we plan to foster sharing of creative ideas among enterpreneurs, investors and partners."
The first edition of InvestForum relies on the support of many sponsors, institutions and organizations linked to enterpreneurship in the area of information technology. According to Gisele Oliveira, project coordinator, "Many sponsors that will be part of the project are part of Startup Brasil already". Among the confirmed orgnizations, we have: 21212, Anjos do Brasil, DataPOA, EndeavorBrasil,, Nós Coworking, Outsource Brasil, Pipa, Porto Alegre CITE, Startupi, and Wow Aceleradora de Startups.

In the programme we will have the participation of Cezar Taurion, speaking about how open source is inserted in the tech waves such as: cloud computing, mobile, social and Big Data and Internet. Another guest will be Diego Remus, speaking about enterpreneurship. Besides the special collaboration of Porto Alegre CITE and DataPOA.

"Our aim is increasingly being able to stimulate the Free Software Community to get involved in projects focused in the society and that demand the public administration to provide data that can contribute to the betterment of every citizens life standards" said Gisele Oliveira in an interview to the FISL15 communication team.

The projects to be presented may concern software or hardware, must forcibly be Free/Open source and will be pre-evaluated by a team composed of investors, partners and by the team at Gt-Negocios (Business Workgroup).

Did you read here the opportunity your were expecting?

Then, bring your project out of the paper to the InvestForum!

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