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7 a 10 de Maio de 2014
Centro de Eventos da PUCRS | Porto Alegre | Brasil




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International Free Software Forum begins activities with a lot of knowledge sharing

8 de Maio de 2014, 15:35 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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The event gathered thousands of people in the first day, at the PUCRS Center of Events

Advantages of collaborative work were spread to all sides and in many speeches at the International Free Software Forum (FISL), today, May, 7. FISL will happen up to saturday, atht e PUCRS Center of Events and gathers national and international specialists in the subject.
Recent approval of the Marco Civil da Internet (Brazilian Legal Mark of the Internet) was one of the subjects. It was hailed by the participants of the Movement, the model was built collaboratively and represented, according to Ricardo Fritsch, FISL General Coordinator, a victory to the Brazilian society in terms of freedom of expression.

More transparent governments are important and these measures are present in the Legal Mark just because it was built collaboratively. Now we need these issues to strongly reach the society as a whole - he said.

Importance of Free Software is also advocated in the possibility of continuos improvement without private knowledge lock in.

- I dare say what we wrote today couldn't be open in ten years, if we hadn't had the Free Software concept. Besides, books and many other pieces of work have cease to be printed to be only electronic. It is one more reason so they need to be Free Software, allowing free access, said Ricardo.

Strategic Free Software Coordinator at Serpro and FISL Programme Workgroup participant Deivi Lopes Kuhn, stressed the important participation of foreigners in the event, and the composition of subjects up to the audience's tastes.

The subject prioritized last year was espionage, so they appear more in the speeches. Many activities such as the Brazilian Legal Internet Law had a special attention because they are subjects that need be explored. Scure mobility also another important issue due to the growing number of mobile devices that are non-free - he said.

In the speech "Free Software and government Security" Serpro's Operations Director, Wilton Motta, stressed the growth of 60% in Free Software use.

Another attraction was the speech of free culture and software activist and Facebook employee Fernanda G. Weiden. She presented a brief of 10 tips for large scale development.

Speakers Bruno Erthal de Abreu and Thiago Garcia presented ideas to help develop electronic products to ease daily life.

FISL has over 400 activities. Besides the speeches, there's an important room for women participation in technology. Last year the event had a participation of almost 20% of women, which can be considered excellent in terms of female participation in IT, and for this year an even larger participation is expected. This issue was approached in the Hacker round, a workshop devoted to women.

The event is considered the embryo for the Free Softare cmmunity and can be translated as how ideas get real. Since the first edition, it gathered roughly 68.000 people from almost 30 countries. Each year areas are improved so participants can interact and share.

FISL is now part of the politicial scenario in Brazil, and is considered one of the main centers for debate of IT and freedom. Activities attract leaders in many sectors of society, besides programmers, cyberactivists and shared knowledge people.

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