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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

18 de Março de 2013, 0:00 , por Gabriel Galli - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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How do I figure out if my activity proposal was accepted?

You will get an email with date and time f your activity up to June, 7, to which you must reply up to June, 12.

What if my speech was approved but I no longer available to go to Fisl?

Just reply to the email saying you can't attend.

Approved speakers get some sort of support for travelling or hosting?

No. Approved speakers get a badge that grants access to all the event's activities. But they must afford their own expenses. Please remember: Fisl is a non-profit event, built on community's efforts. ;)

Does a speaker need to be registered as a participant as well?

All the approved speakers will have access to all the event’s areas and rooms, so no additional registration is needed.

What if I registered and then I get accepted as a speaker?

For those in this situation, there is the possibility of a refund at the end of the event. For doubts about speakers just get in touch with programa @ softwarelivre . org

In order to participate at WSL do I need to register at Fisl?

WSL happens inside Fisl. In order to participate you do need to register as usual.


Do volunteers get some sort of support for travelling, hosting or meals?

Volunteers have meals paid during work days at the event and help at paying transportation expenses but this is just in town (inside Porto Alegre). Volunteers coming from other cities need to afford their own expenses to get to Porto Alegre.

When do I know whether I was accepted as a volunteers?

We'll get in touch by email starting at June, 14.

What if I want to help as a volunteer?

We receive registrations through this form, and answer questions through the email voluntarios at Those who are interested will be contacted by the end of june with more instructions and information. Read more here.



I registered, but I am no longer going to the event. How do I unregister?

Get in touch with inscricoes at asl org br and let them know. Reimbursement

I registered, but I am no longer going to Fisl. Can I bestow my registration to a friend?

Get in touch with inscricoes at asl org br asking for the transfer, include your complete info and those of your friend. The email must be sent by the same person which is giving up the registration.

Where do I register?

Registrations for participants are here. Registrations for speakers are closed, sorry.

What if I still have doubts or problems with my registration?

Please write to inscricoes at asl org br.

Can I attend fisl just for one day?

Yes you can, but registration will cost the same as for the entire event.

Is there any free programming?

To access the fair – the hall where all the sponsors and partner’s stands and booths are located – as well as join any event in the fair, there’s no need for registration.

For speeches, workshops, debates and community meetings, it is only allowed participation to registered people with their badges.

The Multiuse Room, located in the fair, will have free programming every day: cultural shows, debates, speeches, conferences. That programming will be made public in the week before the event. 


When is the complete programme going to be disclosed?

The programme is set up with the community’s participation, through the public call for works and vote by the previous years’ participants. This process is complete only by the end of June.

Can I have a preview of the themes to be worked?

Yes. Speeches will be organized in thematic zones, which, this year, are:

  • Admin
  • Development
  • Desktop
  • Emerging topics
  • Education
  • Ecosystem
  • Workshops
  • Community meetings
  • Culture

I’d like to suggest a speech/debate/workshop, how do I do?

The call for papers is closed.
You need to be a registered participant, and you must submit your proposal through the Papers system (here).

In case you just want to “give an idea” of an activity without getting directly involved, send an email to programafisl13 @ softwarelivre .org with your suggestion.

I’m trying to submit a speech, but the system seems to not be working correctly in my browser, what’s happening?

The Papers system is certified to work exclusively with Firefox.


How does the certificate production work? Do I need to prove my attendance?

Emissions of certificates are made automatically after the event, through the registrations system.

After the event, in your user area there will be a button “Generate Certificate” which will prompt you to download a PDF file with the certificate of participation in the event as a whole.

Those who registered and got their badges are entitled to a certificate of participation in the event, as a participant or as a speaker, with no mention to assiduity.

Do volunteers get certificates?

Sure! Volunteers get a more detailed certificate, specifying their work areas, hours worked, through their WorkGroup Coordinator.

Could you guys provide some hosting tips?

If you need information and support for hosting (also tickets), you can get in touch with our partner travel agency, Liga Turismo. Check for more tips about cheap hosting.

Is there a camping area?

There’s no camping area for the event. The travel agency Liga Turismo can help you find cheap hosting.


My company is interested in sponsoring or proposing a partnership. Who must I talk to?

Get in touch with the Fundraising Team through the email: captacao at Read more here.

Is there any other ways for my company to participate?

IT Enterpreneurs and Service Providers can join freely at the Round of Businees and Competences. Read more here.

It is also possible to participate of the Innovations and Free Projects Show. Get in touch with captacao at to know more.



Where is the event located?

At the Center of Events, PUC-RS, in Porto Alegre.

Where is PUC-RS?

PUC-RS is located at Avenida Ipiranga, 6681, Partenon neighboor in Porto Alegre. Check out the map how to get there.

Check also the event’s plant.

More questions? Send an email to comunicacao at or ask in the coments!


Fisl's General Time: from 9:00AM to 8:00PM
Fair (Hall of Exhibitors) Time: from 9:00AM to 8:00PM
Speakers rooms and auditorium: speeches begin at 10:00AM, access only to
registered people bearing their badges.
Secretariat work time: from 8:00AM to 7:00PM


How do I get a banner to help promote the event in my web page?

You can freely use fisl’s materials. See the page with banners and logos here.

More questions? Send an email to comunicacao at or ask in the coments!