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18 de Março de 2013, 0:00 , por Gabriel Galli - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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So you live far from Porto Alegre and wanna come to fisl? Organize a convoy or be a part of one of many convoys organized by the Free Software Community. To make easier the life of those who live far, the event’s organization provides:

  • 50% discount for convoys participants
  • 100% discount for registration of the convoy leader

What is a convoy?
Is a group of at least six people interested in coming to fisl. One of them is the leader in charge for the convoy.

Leader’s responsibilities
To register the convoy, through the event’s registration system, making sure that people make their registrations and pay their registration’s fee.

The convoy’s leader does not pay the registration fee so long as at least five people have paid their registration, according to the bill’s deadline.

How to do it?
After registering the convoy, the leader must “invite” people or accept invitations through the event’s system. When the system count five paid registrations of that convoy, the leader will automatically get an email with a promo code, which is to be used to register at the site, without fee.

The leader does not get free (as in free beer) registration if the convoy bears a number less than five participants.

Anything else?
In the website’s section ‘Disclose’, you can download posters and banners to help the event’s mobilization.

Doubts, write to: caravanas @ softwarelivre . org.