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Call for presentations

18 de Março de 2013, 0:00 , por Gabriel Galli - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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The programme for FISL is created by the community. You can participate as a speaker or by voting on the activities you would like the event to host, as long as you were a speaker at last year's FISL.

Registrations for the call for presentations/activities open on March 18th and close on April 8th. 28th. The voting will take place at the beginning of May and the approved proposals will be notified beginning in June and up until the beginning of July. You can start preparing your presentation, workshop, or activity right now. Pay attention to news on the site to be informed about the whole process.

The presentations are organized in Thematics Zones and divided into Categories:


  • Systems Administration and VoIP
  • Data Management
  • Archive Systems and Operating System Security
  • GNU/Linux and BSD Distributions

Free Hardware

  • Hardware
  • Embedded hardware
  • Free Robotics
  • Meta-recycling


  • Tools, Methods, and Standards
  • Managing Content
  • PHP and Java
  • Python, Ruby and Perl
  • Desktop GUI
  • Mobile
  • Open Web
  • Other languages

Games and Multimedia

  • Games
  • Streaming
  • Multimedia Editors


  • Success Stories
  • Management Systems
  • Business Models


  • Digital Inclusion

Emergent Topics

  • Religions
  • Buzzwords
  • BoF
  • Pranks, April Fools day and other fun stuff
  • Easter eggs and Christmas Gifts

Free Academy

  • Mathematics
  • CADs
  • Geography
  • Astronomy
  • LaTeX
  • Managing Bibliographic References
  • Data Scrapping
  • Office tools

Aaron Swartz

  • Net Neutrality
  • Sharing
  • Liberating Science


  • Organization
  • Debates
  • Workshops
  • WSL (Workshop de Software Livre)

Community Encounters

  • Community Encounters

Drupal Camp Poa

  • Drupal Camp



Interested in the final program? Stay calm! The publication of the finalized agenda will be published on July 2nd. =)

Questions about the schedule? Contact us at the following address:

programa AT asl DOT org DOT br