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Teaser fisl14 - Participe! :-)
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See you in Fisl15!

July 6, 2013 0:00 , by Bruno Buys - | No one following this article yet.
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Many thanks to all. See ya in Fisl15!

Meanwhile, check out some of the Fisl14 numbers.

_ 7217 Participants from 21 países. 25 Brazilian States + Federal District (all!)

_ After Brazil, countries with largest number of participants: Uruguay and EUA;

_ States, by order of participants: Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Federal District;

Convoys: 98!

Largest Convoy SI - ESUCRI - Leader: Fernando Del Moro - Criciúma/SC

Most distant convoy: Norte Livre-mcp - Macapá - Amapá

Foreign convoys:

4 convoys from Uuruguay: meetupUy, CESoL, Centro Linux, IFSUL Lvto

1 convoy from Argentina: SOLAR - Argentina

2 convoys from Paraguai: F.P.U.N.E. Paraguay and latinowere


_ 97 Exhibitors, among them 33 Users Groups

_ 223 participants from UGs (179 men,44 women)


    + than 600 hours of activities

    + than 500 speakers

    + than 80 free activities (Agenda Livre, Robótica, Educação, Espaço Multiuso)

GT-Infra (Infrastructure WorkGroup)

* This year we had no centralized network structure. The infrastructure of cabled network and the wireless one were segmented. The data below is just for the cabled network:

- Download peak: 280 Mbps (Mega bits per second)

- Total traffic data*: 1,4 Tera bytes being 10% in IPv6 (cabled)

- Number of rooms with streaming: 8

- Number of online visualizations of speeches through TV Software Livre: 67800 hits

- Number of hits at Rádio Software Livre: 24700 hits

- Number of hours of speeches recorded and transmitted: 280h

This year the speeches videos were sent to our file server and were published every hour in the event's grid.