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Music 100% in Free Software

1 de Julho de 2013, 0:00 , por Bruno Buys - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Do you know someone who produced, recorded and mixed a disc entirely with Free Software?

If you are coming to fisl14, July, 4, at 6:00PM, at the Espaço Multiuso, inside FISL's hall, you will meet this one guy. André de Marco will give a pocket show and introduce his CD "Terra à Vista: O primeiro Capítulo de uma História Sem Fim (Earth at sight: The First Chapter of an Endless Story", in which he produced, recorded, sang and played almost all the instruments. The whole recording, editing and mixing were made in Ardour, a professional Free Audio Editing Software.

André said, in an interview to BR-Linux, that he found no dificulties to record the CD with Ardour. "I don't know any disc recorded and mixed entirely in Free Software. I can say that there is something of a pioneer, and it's very important, because Free Software isn't very well known in the audio world. The disc is here, and it means that a work with high quality standards can be made." Besides, all the video production was made in  Kde`n`live, a free video editor.

André has been a musician for the last 14 years and he is also known for his work as a  man-band, where he plays the acoustic guitar, harmonica, percussion (with the feet) and sings at the same time. To listen and download André de Marco's music just go to

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