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29 JUN / 02 JUL 2011
Centro de Eventos PUCRS - Porto Alegre - Brasil
Agende-se para o fisl13! De 25 a 28/07/2012

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Free Culture

8 de Junho de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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Free Culture Festival

Free Culture activities in fisl12 aim at making users, hackers and artists close to each other, to strenghten free software as a basis for a society based on Free Culture concepts. The Festival's programme includes workshops, speeches, mini-courses, unconferences, art presentations and night parties.

fisl12 free videos exhibit - this year we'll promote one more edition of the Free Videos Exhibit, to present videos published under free licenses or edited with free software. The pieces will be exhibited in the lounge room and also in the event's rooms. The show is organized by the Free Video Alliance - - When: everyday in room 40-A “fisl7”

Artistic presentations - Besides the speech rooms and exchange of experiences, Free Culture Festival will promote artistic presentations in fisl12' various rooms. Music attractions and performances will cover important subjects in the brazilian culture. Programme will be available soon.

Multimedia Workshop - Multimedia production workshops with free software. Venue: Building 40 - Room 702 (workshop's room)

06/29 - Audio editing workshop (basic) with Felipe Machado
(Original DjCopy).
06/30 - Audio editing workshop (advanced) with Felipe Machado.
07/01 - Graphic production workshop - Gimp and similars
07/02 - Vector graphics production workshop - Inkscape and similars

Free music - parties for fisl's participants are booked, with free music and promoting integration between them. See the complete programme in Parties and Bars.

Meeting (unconference) of the Web of Culture Points (Rede de Pontos de Cultura)
When: 07/01 (friday) at 3:00 PM
Venue: Room 41-E Fisl5
This activity is open, no fisl12 badges will be demanded to join this meeting.



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