This year, the fisl11 website presents the innovative proposal of being more than an event where you meet your net-friends in person. We are starting a new social network, free (as in 'free speech') and autonomous.

By using Noosfero <>, the first Free Web framework for social networks developed in Brazil, linked with the Free Software Portal <>,  you can stay informed and follow everything that happens at the fisl11. You will also be able to interact and help produce the content.

Everything added on the Web platform will be collaboratively shared.

By joining the fisl11 community at <> you get a profile that can also be used as your blog with a comments notification system. These features are in addition to the basic functions of creating other communities and adding e-friends.

But wait, there is more! Each user profile works as a personal website that offers the possibility not only to personalize the layout, but also the Web address (URL); plus, you can use that space to display ideas, build photo and video galleries, calendars/schedules, share interests and preferences, and also engage in discussions.

Before and during the event, you will be able to post content and collaborate with others to ensure the success of the fisl11 and Free Software movements.

Please join the fisl11 community <> and also invite <> all your e-friends.

Greetings from the fisl11 management <>.