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DRM? Não Compro!

Stop the Hollyweb! No DRM in HTML5.

|sn?b.             |
|p+?*              |
|=C1               |
|+?                |
|1          #  ##  |
|           # #    |
|           #  ##  |
|        #  #    # |
|         ##   ##  |

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27 de Maio de 2009, 0:00 , por Desconhecido - | 1 pessoa seguindo este artigo.

Nerd, programador, desenvolvedor e usuário de Software Livre, grafista digital, vegano, ciclista... Adoro a expressão "Free as in Freedom".

Pure CSS Skull

24 de Setembro de 2014, 22:26, por Aurélio A. Heckert

One <div> + Some CSS = Skull (no UTF8, no SVG, no other thing)

metajs — a new language?

17 de Setembro de 2014, 19:38, por Aurélio A. Heckert

No. :-)
This is a javascript extension, that only use comments to provide meta-features. The features are code inclusion from another file and macros. The compiler is a simple BASH function. Why i did it? Because I was going crazy scrolling my source code with more then thousand lines, and with weird expressions that i wont put in variables or functions.

Seeking for beauty and features in a 13k web game

15 de Setembro de 2014, 9:40, por Aurélio A. Heckert

Gravity screenshotThis is the prologue of a sequence of articles about my last entry on the annual js13kGames competition, called "Gravity".

I believe the topics i will describe is not only useful for who wants to build small games, but also for big games, or artists, trying to reduce the computing resources usage.

Tags deste artigo: software livre nerd programação divagação