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12 de Agosto de 2011, 0:00 , por Software Livre Brasil - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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The Association (ASL) is a non-profit civil organization, headquartered in Porto Alegre/RS, gathering entrepreneurs, professionals, students, public sector employees, thus bridging between several social segments. The goal is to make free software deeply embedded in society, by providing room for discussion, support, promotion and initiative organization in various related areas.

Founded in September, 11, 2003, ASL is the organization behind the International Free Software Forum (fisl), largest free software event in South America, which takes place every year in Porto Alegre. The organization is also leading other projects and initiatives. Learn more in Work.

ASL Goals

1. Free Software Evangelism;
2. Experimentation of new educational models and alternative Free Software production and distribution systems;
3.Studies, research, development of alternative technologies, events promotion, production of information and technical/scientific knowledge related to all the above mentioned activities;
4. Promotion of economic and social development and digital inclusion;
5. Developing programs for professional education, professional qualification and re-qualification geared towards needs of the population at large;
6. Promotion of ethics, peace, citizenship, human rights, freedom of expression, democracy and other universal values and fight against any form of sexual, religious, economic or racial discrimination.
7. To cope with goals above expressed, the organization may sign partnerships or colaborations with public authorities or private entities.

The ASL's Ruleset is available in Documents.